Being a Glow Worm; Churchill and MicBride Showing Similarities and Differences; Unrequited Love;Almost Dropped the Phone; Ending with Aunt Alive.

Someone extremely dear to me replied to a very serious question by quoting, of all people, Winston Churchill. I had never, and I do mean never, heard of this particular phase. Apparently, Churchill used this particular phrase in a letter to Violet Boorham Carter in 1906. Violet was a life long friend of Churchill’s and the daughter of British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

‘We are all worms. But I do believe that I am a glow-worm’

Is that not darling?!? A character sketch written near that time said of Churchill.: “He can write and he can fight… he is ambitious; he means to get on.” Hmmmm. Who does that sound like? He wrote of his sudden fame “I have suddenly become one of the two or three most popular speakers in this election… great audiences (five and six thousand people) twice & even three times a day, bands, crowds and enthusiasm of all kinds.”

Now that is not true me – yet! Hahahaha! Well, that will never be me. Now we have social media. So Churchill relied on his writing and lecturing for income. Apparently, in one month, November 1900, he gave thirty lectures, earning the equivalent of five year’s income for a professional of his age. Whereas, I have retirement income that is sufficient for my needs. So there! So there! So there!

Another fact. By the time Churchill took his seat in Parliament on February 14, 1910 his books, his articles, his lectures earned over ten thousand points, which was a fortune at that time. From that moment on Winston lived his life in the public eye.

Churchill said of himself that “I had to choose between fighting and standing aside.” McBride could not fight at an early age because of the abuse inflicted upon her but she did arm herself over time and now she does fight when the occasion arises. But as has been pointed out to her by Uncle Dave Dryburgh, it is better when she stands aside. “Stop fighting Alexis. Go to the sidelines and watch. They will do themselves in,” He is right, they do.

Winston was blessed with an amazing woman for a wife. It is viewed as being one of the strongest political marriages in history. She was described as being beautiful, bright, well educated and liberal. The first time they met, in 1904, he said nothing to her and she was not impressed. But then, four years later they met again and the both of them never shut up. As I have mentioned before in my blogs about empathy and power, she was a toe holder – she was able to keep him in touch with his empathy. Empathy is a trait that is lost when men achieve power. She was able help him retain his empathy because she gave him both support and forthright opinions when she felt he was wrong. In other words, she sassed. I do give excellent sass. Perhaps the word of the day should be sass. It is both a noun and a verb and when used as a noun means impudence and cheek. Boy, can I sass. There was a time when I sassed, at the same time. both the Emperor and Joo Kim Tiah, the multibillionaire. It was a full time job. Hahahahaha. Those were the days my friend, they thought they’d never end. But they did. So there! So there! So there!

Let the good times roll and they are! The cinematic production of National Theatre’s production of Antony and Cleopatra was nothing short of amazing. I am now in love with Ralph Fiennes but I do not think he loves me. That is called unrequited love which I suppose can be the other phrase of the day. I do love Urban Dictionary’s definition which is: Unrequited love is Hell. All you do is spend your days thinking of someone who will never think of you. You’d do anything for that person, and they’ll do nothing for you. You can’t forget them, and there’s tearing you apart.

Well, I do not have it that bad for Mr. Fiennes. It is not exactly tearing me apart and I am enjoying myself. So there! So there! So there!

The acting by all in Antony and Cleopatra was magnificent, absolutely magnificent. For me the most moving moment was when Octavia learns the truth about Antony’s betrayal. I have been betrayed and I know the feeling. It was wordless, she fell to floor clutching herself in pain, heaving in silent sobs. To say that I was moved is an understatement. But I did recover, Octavia did not.

Interestingly I do know the director Simon Godwin – I met him years ago when I was traveling to London with the theatre group that is based in Monetary. I did write a book about that experience – it was a MacBook – I wish I could remember where it is. Perhaps the solution is to have another one printed. I will talk to Chris about that tomorrow oner lunch at the Rex Whistler. I wrote him an email with topics to be discussed and he dutifully responded. He: Ok 10-4 roger that red leader! Me: You make me laugh so hard!

The responses to my news of acceptance to Sotheby’s Art Institute keep pouring in. My wonderful USA tax person sent the following email. “Wow! I was reading this email on my phone and I almost dropped the phone. I thought the email would be saying the exact date you were moving back to the U.S. Congratulations! I know you loved being in London.” You see I was seriously considering moving back to California and had asked her about the tax implications of such a move. It may appear to many that I am impulsive but my moves are usually very well thought out. The only things that are not well thought out are my flirtations with handsome men but usually that works out OK. No details are to be provided considering this state of affairs.

The photograph is one of David and I taken the night of the performance. We do make such a cute couple. Hahahaha David is the man who sends the jokes that faithful viewers have appreciated and will remember. There are sure to be more, he is a treasure trove of great jokes. The other photograph is of new and old friends at Loco Mexicano taken last evening. It was such jolly fun but eerie at the same time because MBM has a sister that lives in Hinton, Alberta, Canada. My precious Aunt Alice lived in Edson, Alberta, Canada for many years. I say of my aunt that I was not Mothered, I was Aunted. I have no idea where I would be without her. I so loved her. She died in 1985 but I think of her every day.

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