A Business Meeting Held at the Rex Whistler; Stunning Statistics; Resting on One’s Laurels; A Totally Surprising Instagram; Check Out the Exhibit at the Tate Britain

Yesterday was the scene of a business meeting that took place at one of the poshest of tables in the Rex Whistler Restaurant. Those in attendance were Alexis McBride, Blogger of Excellence, Chris Jackson, Blog Master of Excellence and Claire Jackson, wife of Blog Maser. A good time was had by all. There were several topics under consideration, a list had been provided by Alexis McBride in advance so that it was possible to address the issues and get down to the serious business of earring and drinking and making merry. A man, Patrick, at the adjoining table was asked to join this select party but he foolishly declined. The first topic of discussion was the blog readership. This blog attracts 20,000 people a year, it has been operating for almost two years. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I am blown away and actually so is Chris. We had no idea this would happen that day in January 2017 at Dolphin Square. NONE! Chris made an amazingly profound, clever and moving statement.
He: I pave the road. You drive the car.
Me: I am going to cry!
Then i did and then cried another time. Words not spoken by Chris but by Anna our waitress called for the second cry baby session. . I will have to ask Anna when I go back there on Wednesday. Other topics were discussed and will be mentioned when they are incorporated into the blog. Claire spoke if the ease with which her husband and Alexis McBride worked. There is no formal contract between the parties and the decision was made that If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The duration of the blog is up in the air depending on the requirements at Sotheby’s Art Institute.
Chris and I are proud of ourselves and each other. Claire, a truly wonderful woman, noted that the success of the blog has increased the self esteem of both her husband and myself. She is right, and when you think of it – how could it not? Chris has a busy life, another career but he still makes the time and does a hell of a good job. Good Old Alexis is old, but not necessarily good. (hahahahaha). She pumps out blogs almost every day even with a social life that does not quit. Even today she is not resting on her laurels. Resting on your laurels is the phrase of the day. The meaning is being taken from Urban Dictionary, my new favorite source to be satisfied with your achievements and not to make an effort to do anything else:Just because you’ve got your degree doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels.
I guess I don’t – I just run off and get more degrees. I have more degrees than ex-husbands. That was a goal and I have achieved it, all I have to do is quit getting married. I am working on that but there are so many temptations. This one came via Instagram (of all places). In the early morning hours this message came on my phone.
makingitlookeezy mentioned you in a comment: My new friend alexismctwit posing in front of the sex workers memorial in the west end. She jumped at this opportunity to tell me all about her exciting escapades and history of breaking hearts. #character #grannysexlife #newfriends.
Well, I was shocked beyond belief for all kinds of reasons. But I did rise to the occasion practically immediately.
alexismctwit: Excuse me sir. I do not break hearts, they break mine!!!
But then the implications of the hash tags sunk in and the following email was sent.
Me: Hello, Yes I am laughing so hard! Laughing at the Instagram and the has tag #grannysexlife. Listen, my first man, my grand daughter follows me on Instagram, what will she think??? But she is fine if she reads it – she will just laugh. I was going to marry this guy a few months ago (but didn’t) She said “Go for it Granny you only live once!” Honest to God she did..
He: Is she cute?
Me: Hell yes! Look her up. SUPER CUTE but of course I am prejudiced. She has a boyfriend apparently – I tried to set her up with a friend (I am not exactly the typical grandmother) She said it was her choice was better because her man was local and my suggestion lived in London. I conceded. Hahahaha Alexis
Gentle readers you are not going to believe that all of this happened but it did and no animals were killed in the production of the blog. – well yet anyway.
The photographs attached are ones from the exhibit at the Tate Britain. Please go and see it before it ends in February. It is stunning!

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