Going to Iceland; Appearing Nude at the YWCA; A Criticism of Public Television; Another Blow Dry at Suki’s

I emailed F Guy ( a friend of 50 years years) to tell of my potential travels. I mentioned that I heard that Icelandic men were very well endowed He was most helpful in his analysis of the situation.
He: As for Icelandic men, I have no first hand experience, so to speak.  However, it may be that because of the extreme cold evolution resulted in a bit of extra size to counteract any potential shriveling of male body parts from the cold—just guessing😊 Enjoy your trip!
Me: Brilliant reasoning! If I have any first hand experience (rather likely with my charms) I shall let you know.
Of course, I am only kidding, but just in case I might just take a ruler. It is so much fun being 75 years old as one can get away with everything. I was at the YWCA Women’s Locker Room complaining about the misery of getting dressed and undressed in swimming gear. One of the wonderful women there had a suggestion. 
She: You should just come nude.  Then you would not have to bother with all of this. 
Me: Great idea! But I would just get arrested. 
She: No, if anybody could get away with it. You could. 
Me: Thanks but I am not going to take that chance. 
I swear to goodness both of those conversations took place. It seems unlikely but it seems that I bring out the best (and worst) in others.  Someone I loved (now dead) said that he was crazy about my ‘sense of ridiculousness’. It was his considered opinion that I what I had was not really a sense of humour but, a sense of ridiculous. I am comforted by the memory – to see that he really ‘understood’ me, that he saw me. In the end, and even in the middle, I let him down. I look back and see that he truly loved me but he did seriously mess with me during my younger days.. One does not do that, even if you love me. I mess you back when you least expect it. dnefwmmcb. I do  hope that this does not bring fear into the hearts of any readers, but it may. 
Serious preparation for the trip continues. Another blow dry at Suki’s where Vicky did her magic. My intervention with the rude woman brings me much fame, there was another one there today but I was more low key. I was amused by a man who we shall call GC. We ere discussing a common phenomena wherein stylists produce a wonderful’ do’ for their clients. But the clients express dissatisfaction with their hair and INSIST it be done over. It happens every time . A brilliant employee and I discussed the phenomena.  
He had this powerful and articulate insight: The problem is not their hair, but an inherent dissatisfaction with themselves. I can see it is true but it is not my job to interfere with these women. I did attempt a different method, when Vicky had worked her magic and my hair was perfect. I spoke in a loud voice and to a woman who was insisting on a different “do” 
Me: I love my hair, just as Vicky has done it. She is such a talented professional. 
It is highly unlikely that this woman ‘got it”. But Vicky did and the woman’s stylist did as did  GC when we discussed the phenomena.  I do work on feeling sorry for those critical women sensing their internal dissatisfaction with themselves must be miserable. But they spread their misery everywhere. But,  actually, , I do not care. The ruder they are, the better I look. They will not learn and continue in their ways. I guess, for once, Hottie is right. It is not my problems. I have begun to doubt his wisdom on many matters. My female YWCA trainer (A One her nickname) and I have an excellent relationship already. She has introduced a new regime of exercise in my life, better suited to my age and situation in life. We laugh so hard, particularly about the foibles of men. Foible shall be the word of the day. It is a minor weakness or eccentricity, men definitely suffer from those things.  
I am vaguely watching a Channel 9 PBS channel that congratulates itself endlessly on their lack of advertising. But good GAWD all of the damn people constantly conducting pledge breaks, trying to convince you to donate to theft public television channel. Bring on the commercials, they are at lease vaguely interesting. The stupidity and repetition from the silly people trying to collect money is SO boring. I am exempt, merely rushing off to do trips during the crappy promotions. I suffer no guilt whatsoever. 
Rick Steves is great but, in a way, he is somewhat a whore. He uses PBS, they use him. But they do not use me. I do admire him and his work but he is actually a whore. He is rather cute however and i did hear that he is recently divorced. Hello there Ricky! 
I am now at the Vancouver Airport at the Premium Plaza Lounge. I Instagrammed from here. I am alexismctwit and I am funny. 

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