An Amazing Trip Beginning at the Vancouver Internal Airport; The Arctic From Above: Love for Icelandic Air; Radisson 1919 is a Great Hotel; Some Funny Conversations and Texts.

New readers must bear this in mind that I always tell the truth (sometimes I exaggerate) but I always tell the truth.

When I leave on a trip I always get to the airport early. so there are no hassles or screw ups. Yesterday was no exemption. My wonderful cab driver Vine arrived early but was accosted by a rude resident of my apartment building. This man insisted that Vino take him to the airport because he was late for his flight. Vino told the rude man that he was already booked but the man just got more aggressive. But my Vino said, “No, I am booked.” More about my ridiculous apartment and the horrible mismanagement later but I am on holidays and everything can wait until I get back. Vino and i had the best chat on the way to the airport. He was SO helpful, making sure I remembered everything, getting me a cart for the luggage. This is the part you might not believe but it is true. I texted First Man

MeL I gotta warn you. I have a devastating effect on men. My taxi driver just texted at the airport (Premium Plaza Lounge) saying that he wished he was traveling with me. I was not always like this. A funny story but I would have to tell you in person. Instagrammed but now will blog.

He: Lol. I’m not surprised.

I almost died with delight when I received that text from across the world. This is a long distance relationship as he is in Columbia and I am in Iceland. But, in all fairness, he does live in Vancouver usually – as do I.

It gets funnier:

Me: You are so sweet! I said on Instagram that I am so hot I would melt Iceland and my favorite artist Jean Paul Langlois responded:

He: You are so cool it will freeze back over.

So i responded to Jean Paul’s comment.

Me: You make me laugh! I am here in Iceland now. It is dark

There is no response to the second text from First Man. While I was at the Premium Plaza Lounge I met the nicest people. A couple from Burnaby traveling with their darling sixteen month old son to Morocco. The Dad was going for business, he works for Microsoft. I hope I get to see them again when we both return from our trips. I also spoke to two young girls from near London (England), they were visiting the USA for reasons hockey. First it was NYC and then Las Vegas. I admire their sense of adventure but I am not that crazy about hockey. I also chatted with the wait staff at the Premium Plaza Lounge. So much fun!

Soon it was time to board the plane. I sprang for business class and sat in seat 1-A. It would be utterly impossible to be more happy with Icelandic Air. I spoke to both of the pilots and the flight attendants were wonderful women. I told one that I wanted her to be with me a all times, filling up my wine class when I wasn’t looking and giving me anything I wanted. We flew over the Arctic – it was fascinating. It is a study in black and white, she helped me figure it out. The white is frozen water, the black perma frost. Then there are occasional warn colored lights which are farms or settlements. It was one of the most interesting sights that I have ever seen. Impressive!

But then we got here – I just wanted to stay on the plane and be waited on. Things turned a bit bad. It is rather frightening to hear one’s name over the loud speaker. I made my way to the icelandic Air counter in answer to the commend. . I had left my passport at customs. I felt most stupid but joked with an Icelandic Air man who promised to come to my hotel armed with a ruler. (see yesterday’s blog). He has not shown up as yet. Then more problems as there were no signs, the airport (although small to some) seemed huge and I could not find my transportation. I was more than a bit miffed. Some woman said:

She: Calm down!

Me: I will NOT! That will get me no where!

But everything worked out in the end. The driver was SO courteous and went out of his way to be helpful. i arrived at my hotel, the Raddison 1919. My room was not ready but breakfast was being served. The service staff so attentive and fun. There were Raddison newsletters meant for guests reflecting different counties.

Me: This is not fair. There is no Canadian edition. USA, English, French but no Canada.

Funny Helpful Woman: Here we will put together English and French.

Now that was so funny – she comes from Spain and she knew all that about Canada. The best breakfast EVER with all my favorite foods.

Me: This is the best breakfast and it has all my favorite foods.

SheL Yes we know. We were prepared.

Me: Who told you what I liked? God?

She: I am not sure.

Then I got in my room – very early, slept a little bit and then went out to conquer the world. The hotel is perfected situated, right in the heart of things. I talked to all kinds of people from New Jersey, Berlin, Brazil and Iceland. I took pictures, one woman took a picture of me which I posted on Instagram. I bought a funny plaque that is pictured as well as some photographs from the town itself. A darling city. I went to the Cafe Pairs and had yummy French fries with duck confit. An excellent conversation with a handsome waiter and then a fellow patron. The fellow patron. John, hails from the UK but has lived here for the past ten years, establishing a successful company. We were in agreement on so many matters, it was rather unbelievable. I was totally exhausted going to bed at 1800 so now I am all screed up. It is now 2300 and I am wide awake. This is the same time zone as London. That is handy I guess. Finally Chris and I are in the same time zone but I am sure that the man is properly asleep at this hour.

I am planning to stay in town today further exploring the sights and sounds of this fabulous country. I am also glad I came here and thank you Scott for making all the reservations.

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