Surmesur Is the Name of Store; A Strange Coincidence Involving Oprah and Amy Schumer; Other Synchronicity; Dinner with Two Men and a CD; A Photo by First Man

Surmesur, located at 1012 Mainland Street Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the store where those men seeking my approval should shop. I stopped in, got a card, laughed with the manager and all. Crowds had not appeared as yet but no one had been informed of its location and name. Again, a charming conversation with a nattily dressed man. I complimented him on his attire, understated and color coordinated.

Kathleen wrote, in her utterly complementary piece about me,”Thus the entire backstory of the book is absolutely a story OPRAH needs to hear! I am sure Oprah may also be deeply moved by the power of art and creativity to heal, and embolden our inner core, irrespective of whether we are in our youth or elder years. Alexis, you are an inspiration.’ But wait until you hear this! Talk about coincidence. Perhaps coincidence can be the word of the day; a synonym is synchronicity Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung developed a theory which states that remarkable coincidences occur because of what he called “synchronicity,” which he defined as an “acausal connecting principle.”

So here goes synchronicity, an incident that occurred Sunday last. I strolled into Suki’s Hair Salon for my weekly blow dry and found in the waiting area, an Oprah magazine. I skimmed through it to find an interview between Amy Schummer and Oprah. Amy is my true hero, her sense of humour is absolutely infectious and I often identify with her. Oprah congratulated Amy telling her that through her work, her art, and through herself lshe has changed the way so many people perceive themselves. Amy, (hereinafter AS) responded to Oprah’s comment.

AS: “Dammit, Oprah. You are making me cry. I never set out to change anyone’s life. I just wanted to make people laugh. But at some point I realized people were paying attention and I had an opportunity to be a voice fo women.”

Oprah commented on Amy’s ability to allow women to do so many things, to talk about sex and even talk about where poop came out.

AS: You’re welcome. I am doing God’s work.

Amy then went on to talk about loosing her virginity through rape. I lost my virginity when my father raped me. Amy spoke of the freedom she felt when she could finally talk about it. Oprah, (herinafter OP) went on to question her.

OP: What’s the lesson that took you the longest to learn?

AM: That I am proud of how I am living. I’m proud of mostly everything I do. The people I love, love me and they are close to me. I’m going to create my own destiny. I think you once said luck is “opportunity meeting preparation.”

Any’s words could be my words aa they express my sentiments completely. All rather mind boggling. I spoke to Suki staff about the article and one of the stylists said that she had styled Amy’s hair and that she was the nicest and most pleasant of women. So that s synchronicity. The moment was somewhat destroyed when the rude woman assaulted the receptionist (as reported in the November November 21, 2018 blog.

My life in Vancouver is changing. Two men came to dinner last night arriving on time, with flowers and wine. They helped set up my Bosc system and we listened to Nicholas Krusek’s CD. He was conducting the Ambleside Orchestra and it seemed to my ears that Nicholas has the same gift as Otto Tausk, the inspiring new director of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The gift is the ability to bring out the very best in the musicians, then forming them into a cohesive team. Nicholas was one of the guests and we made plans to get together again when I return from my Iceland/London trip. It was a thoroughly gratifying evening. It was also synchronicity as the three of us met at a VSO performance, Nicholas interviewed Otto and I bravely complimented him during interval. He loved my laugh, emailed me and that is how this all began. I was shocked to hear that Nicholas reads my blogs. I mean someone does, but I just find it somewhat amazing. So I have a CD and two new friends. Such a bargain! This would not have happened if I had stayed in Marin County, California but I went to London and then Beyond.

Here is another example of synchronicity. I was visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery Rental and Sales Room and began speaking to the ‘boss’ who had just returned from maternity leave. She told me that she had gone to school in London as well, the Master’s program at Sotheby’s. I had heard of it, someone suggested that I could find refuge (and a student’s visa) there. Zoe said that there was a man, in his eighties, who had been a dentist, then a plastic surgeon and then a Sotheby student. It inspired me. I plan to apply for the September 2019 class. I might change my mind, but I might not. I usually do what I set out to do. I am a driven woman as was pointed out by F guy, my friend for fifty years.

The photo is me taken by First Man. (a nickname of course). He spoke of his ambition, his life and the adventures he had undertaken. I was actually completely mesmerized by him and confessed the following in an email,

Me: I met an utterly fascinating young man yesterday – a man who managed to be at the right place at the right time and is profiting from marijuana legalization. I was fascinated with him on many levels. It made me wonder why I had settled for such second rate men. He is horribly young but perhaps we will be friends. He is in Columbia at the moment – business.

She: It was a delight to meet a fellow entrepreneur who is enthusiastic about new ideas and prepared to travel to investigate new advantages and upcoming trends for his business space. Very admirable and excellent manners. I am happy you were escorted home.

Another friend wittily wrote:

She: More than one way to make money from legalization. A business trip to COLOMBIA??? If he asks you to carry a package for him, run like hell..

Me: You are so funny! He didn’t ask me to carry a package for him silly!

Today I go get my haircut and get packed. How boring.

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