What Makes Me Happy?; An Absolutely Delightful Email; An Incredibly Timely Link; The Wisdom of Going to the Sidelines and Watching Your Enemy Do Themselves In 

I awoke super early this morning because I had gone to bed very early the night before. I won a text message conversation. 
Me: I am so damn tired!
He: Me too!
Me: I am older and thus more tired. 
He: It is not a competition but Ok you win.
Gentle readers will know that I do love winning, it is left over from those years of being a lawyer. Therefore,  I woke up very early, around four in the morning and posed the following question to myself:
Me: What makes me happy? 
Alter Ego: Now that is a good question. You often ask yourself what makes you sad, asking yourself what m makes you happy is a good sign. 
Me: Thanks. 
Then I got an answer through an email. Thank goodness I was born in 1943 and computers were invented during my lifetime. Thank you God for that one. I sent a photograph of the  Tracey, Titanic and me framed picture to someone in the UK. Time zones are different and so, even if it was early morning here, it was noon to him. 
He: Hello Alexis I suspect that if you had been on board the iceberg may have lost the argument and been melted down by the fire in your breast.
Me: I laugh and laugh. I cannot wait to send Tracey these words and perhaps to share them on my blog. I cherish them because you are not just saying then to appease me – you believe it and hence you make me believe. I am planning to print the blog I wrote about Titanic day and attach it on the back of the framed.picture. I shall include also your wonderful compliment. But there is another side to me. One revealed by an actual almost stranger. He accused me of being too hard on myself and I dismissed that thought immediately.  But then the more I thought, the more I realized he was right. Here is a glaring example of his correct perception.  I am now trying to figure out how to go back in time and go rescue all of those doomed Titanic people. But I do have some self discipline. I shall not attempt to rescue my namesake Olive’s dog. That would be going too far.
He: No response as yet. 
I realize that this all is a bit unusual. Most women want/need diamonds, money, husbands, and dogs to make them happy but a pithy email comment certainly made me happy. I guess pithy will be the word of the day. Pithy is an adjective adjective, other words are succinct, terse, concise, compact, short (and sweet), brief, condensed, to the point, epigrammatic, crisp, thumbnail; significant, meaningful, expressive, telling; formal compendious. ANTONYMS verbose. 
So this epigrammatic email brought me delight as it made me laugh, reminding me of the good times that I previously shared with this man and how we can share good times together even though we are separated my miles and miles and even an ocean or two. Happiness is feeling connected with another human being, particularly when the ‘other’ is so different. I then emailed Tracey with the comment and she has emailed me back twice. Then two more emails, one from Jenn W. and another from a new friend in Vancouver. Then two emails from high school and university friend Lynne. I have been a busy girl and it is now only 10:23 and I fell back to sleep for about an hour. Then  something incredible just happened, absolutely incredible. As I am writing Tracey sends an email, a link https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/adv/article-stop-feeling-bad-about-missing-out/?utm_source=Shared+Article+Sent+to+User&utm_medium=E-mail:+Newsletters+/+E-Blasts+/+etc.&utm_campaign=Shared+Web+Article+Links
“Now read it”, says bossy Alexis. It could not be more on point. It says to get out, to meet people, if you are going to be on social media then communicate with a select few. That is what I did when I had the hiatus from blogging. I reached out to those who reached out to me and I have conversations with them. The passive recipients will apparently continue to be depressed. The article is correct about this phenomena as well  – I do not blog about the bad things that happen to me (mostly). I present a rosy life but there have been horrors in the midst of situations that were described in good terms. My days at the Trump International Hotel were filled with misery as well, misery, betrayal, pettiness, attacks upon my character. But what good does it do to emphasize that? It was not going to change anything. I did speak out about horrible things,  like the Drai’s Night Club. But it continued in all of its glory UNTIL about four weeks ago when it was unceremoniously shut down. Joo Kin’s pride and joy is no more. I do admit that I was happy when I heard of its closure, as a matter of fact I was joyous. I was happy because I listened to my Uncle Dave’s words and quit fighting for its closure. 
Uncle Dave: Alexis. Just stop fighting!! Go to the sidelines.  They will do themselves in. 
Me: Uncle Dave, you are so wise! When i do that it makes me feel so good because it happens. People and things who have wronged me Do Themselves In. It could be karma, or it could be God, or it could be something else. But I feel joyous and so proud of myself when I am able to stop fighting and enjoy my everyday life. 
That is all for today. I am going to do things to enjoy my life. Perhaps a boring chore or two but that is it The photographs are my ticket to Tea and Trumpets and a picture of the Orpheum stage just prior to the commencement of the performance. . 

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