A Joyous Morning Ending in a Wet Bed; Appies With A Very Darling Man; Being An Instigator; I Am Not Nor ,Have Ever Been,  on a Dark Road 

For so many reasons it was: “Oh, what a wonderful morning, on what a beautiful day! I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything’s going my way.”  But to fast forward, it turned bad. This is the utter truth. I was in bed, with two hot water bottles, propped up on multiple pillows looking out the window AND the sun was shining. But then, just as I was firing off an upbeat email to a dear friend there was a damp feeling. It is the truth (and I always tell the truth but sometimes I exaggerate) a hot water bottle had leaked. The bed was wet, I was wet, disaster had struck Now it was not Titanic disaster, but it was still more than a little uncomfortable. .As usual, no guy around to help so I had to get out of bed, find dry clothes, strip the bed etc. etc. etc. It definitely put a crimp in my style because I love my bed and that is where I do most of my writing. I have this motto: “I’ve learned so much from my mistakes…I’m thinking of making a few more.” What did I learn from this mistake?? Do not take a hot water bottle to bed with you. Now that is an inspirational message ,perhaps I should send it on to Trump and his buddy Kavanaugh. Now the wet bed did not kill me and everything is drying out but it did leave me on edge. You know that pessimistic statement: “When is the next shoe going to drop?” Wet beds inspire such negative thinking. But rather than continue in this “half empty” diatribe about

the wet bed I am going to switch to my usual “half full” philosophy. I have almost thoroughly succeeded in purging all ‘half empty” people from my life. I do not miss them at all – think of them only in anger as they (as a group and individually) exploited me. They were parasites – I wonder who they are feeding off of now? But that is not my problem.

One reason that I awoke in such a jolly frame of mind is that there is a new person in my life. Obviously, a “half full” person. We had the best of times together last night – we had “substantial appetizers”. He sent the cutest text. He had arrived and was waiting outdoors for me to come and let him in. He was making me laugh with his texts, I responded and then he responded (an the rest they say is history).

Me: You are killing me! Waiting for the damn elevator!

he: But, but I have not had any any apples yet. Before you die can I have apples.. Pleeeease

Me: Applies? Yes of course!

He: No No No Appies. Like nappies

Me: Well one anyway

He: But tastier I hope. They could be French.

He: Hi Ding ding Ding ding Beep

So the damn elevator came, I got to the bottom floor  and spied him sitting on the bench outside the apartment building. I opened the outside door and said:

Me: Sir!!  Sir! I am here and the apples are on the way!

He: Thank goodness for that!

Me: Look at my apron! It is from the Cordon Bleu in Paris. I took a course there and wrote a book about it.

He: Really?

Me: Yes, I always tell the truth but sometimes I exaggerate. (It was a very short course0

So he and I ate substantial appetizers, then talked of many things – of cabbages and Kings (etc. etc. Et. Al. Et. Al). . In the midst of the conversation he labelled me an instigator. I have to look that up and then it will become the word of the day and I will include both the dictionary meaning and the synonyms. It is HUGE. A noun meaning: a person who brings about or initiates something: he was not the instigator of the incident | any instigators of violence will be punished. Now onward to more: A noun: the instigators behind the crime wave: initiator, prime mover, motivator, architect, designer, planner, inventor, mastermind, originator, author, creator, agent; founder, pioneer, founding father; agitator, fomenter, troublemaker, ringleader, rabble-rouser.

If it is all the same to everybody I want to be an agitator, a troublemaker, a ringleader, a Rabble-rouser. A Founding Father – I GUESS NOT – most of those US founding fathers were fucking slave holders. Get a grip! SO. e rabble-rouser, agitator (perhaps), a ringleader. Perhaps a creator, an author, an originator, a prime mover. Perhaps even initiator. I do weep as I write, but not tears of sorrow.

A sad song plays repeatedly as I write. It is Dark Road by Annie Lennox. That is not me, and never has been the person she sings about. I have always been far braver and more determined. Thank God! I do not regret, nor ever say; “You never realize a good thing until it’s gone.”

Gentle readers, you are about to see a graphic representation. It is the framed picture of Tracey and my Titanic Day reported in a prior blog. I sent her the same photo.She responded:

She: Brilliant!!Thats cool with the boarding pass.::))

Me:Yes, the people at Time Framer’s helped me with the design. I love the way it turned out. Then on the back I am going to attach a copy of my blog in which I talk about the day. It will be a wonderful lasting memento of a wonderful day. xo Alexis

She:  Exciting..you are quite sentimental ,thats very sweet. It was a good day ,:))

You see,  I realize a good thing and she is not gone. I am convinced that she is the best friend I have ever had AND I told her. She is only going to New Zealand for a few months and I know that we will be friends forever. I do not know if I will be living here when she returns but I shall visit her and she shall visit me. I respect her because she gets on with her life and takes risks. Who does she resemble??? Well me. Hahahahaha

I was at Time Frame gallery (at Robson and Seymour in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) just the other day, chatting. This conversation did take place. A woman stopped in and spoke  the following words.

She: I just stopped in. It is so good to be here, This is a magical place.

Me: OMG I so agree with you.

Here is a secret, that will no longer be a secret. The new person in my life, that funny guy who labelled me an instigator? Where did we meet? Time Frame Gallery on the corner of Robson and Seymour in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We met under very strange circumstances. I will tell you,  but only with his permission. It is his story.

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