Dogs and Other Matters; A Great New Restaurant Discovery with Three Men All to Myself

Not known for my fondness for dogs – “My Kingdom For A Dog” does not ring true Large dogs can bring forth post traumatic stress attacks and small ones are just rather annoying. I am slowly overcoming the big dog phobia and have been capable of petting a pit bull called Pluto. I have been pictured holding a French bull dog. But that was as far as it gets, so you can imagine my irritation living in Yaletown where the dog population exceeds the people population. I have taken to asking dog owners why they have dogs

He: It is rather like having a child. It gets you ready fo take on the responsibility of a child.

Me: Well, I do not understand that because I never wanted to have a child either.

So dog ownership can fill a lonely life (I suppose) and then there is another theory. People crave non conditional love and actually believe that is what they get in exchange for walks where they pick up poop. I am not convinced – I think that the dogs like the food, the water and occasional walks outside the tiny apartment. Non conditional love is a very rare thing as I have recently learned. My heart was broken but it has quickly healed.

But there is good news on the dog front. I fell in love with Cookie and told her owners that she may have caused me to turn my affection towards canines. Canine can be the word of the day. It is a noun: “the squad’s trained canines: dog, wolf, fox.” Cookie is the sweetest little thing, very affectionate, exploratory and happy. She is blind, so sayeth her owners. They gave me permission, even encouraged me, to take her picture and include her and my possible transformation in the blog. So I am doing so.

The photographs will be Cookie and also a hilarious card relating to dog ownership.

I lunched at a newly discovered restaurant yesterday, placing the menu on Instagram. It was altogether serendipitous arising from a discovery walk followed by rude behavior on the part of a young woman. She was a no show for a home cooked lunch. This is the strange part, I had an omen that she would be a no show and sure enough – a no show. Her last name is eerily my mother’s maiden name. So I went back, finishing my conversation with Emily who greets guests at the Minima and was seated at the sushi bar. It was so incredibly indulgent, I ordered the Premium Zen so had a delicious taste of everything. But here is the truly indulgent part – I was the only person at the sushi bar,(for most of the time) and I had three sushi chefs all to myself. Such a bargain and we had such fun. Their workmanship and camaraderie was nothing short of amazing, their aim is to turn out perfection and they do. .

Me: I am really impressed with how well you work together.

He: Yes we get along very well.

Me: Now that is a good idea because sushi chefs have really sharp knives so it is best to keep the peace.

I cannot speak a word of Japanese which is rather stupid considering the fact I was in Japan all alone for three weeks about ten years ago. . Shortly before I finished dining a new man appeared on the scene. He is the proud recipient of a nick name, IHJM (Incredibly Handsome Japanese Man). As I left:

Me: What is Japanese for goodbye?

IHJM: Sayounara

Me: Oh yes. Thank you! Help me say it please.

He did, reminding me of his real name.

Me: I prefer Incredibly Handsome Japanese Man.

I think he Instagrammed me. Pretty sure he did. Of course, I did hand everyone my blog card which contains my Instagram moniker.

Here is another remarkable coincidence. Minima is a sister restaurant of Jinya Ramen Noodle Bar on Robson where I met the guy who ended up being F.P.M. But F.P.M. not on Instagram.

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