A Companion Compendium to In Conversation and In Contemplation

The following list and introduction was send to computer guru Chris this morning for inclusion into the Canadian publication of the book. The word of the day is compendium. A noun: 1) a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication.; 2) a collection of things, especially one systematically gathered: the program is a compendium of outtakes from our archives.

A copy of this book was loaned to a man who lived in a far away land and it was returned with a truly inspiring and heart warming note.

Dear Alexis,

Thank you for loaning me your masterpiece.

Trust me I took good care of your book.

I caught myself enjoying reading it while have (before) a glass of white wine and listening to some music.

If I can make one suggestion , you should recommend a playlist to stress an emotion while going Through your book.

Thanks for everything.



I was touched beyond belief, thought the idea brilliant and set to work listening, emoting, it enhancing my reading and involvement. This is the playlist I compiled.

Introduction Ralph Vaughn Wiliams: Greensleeves

A Study in Blue and Grey Samuel Barber: Adagio for Strings.

Symphony in White Mozart: Eine Klieine Nachtmusik: Andante

Parting At Morning Albonioni Adagio in G Minor

Standing Female Nude Bach: Air on a G String

Sara Siddons Pacabel: Canon in D

Studland Beach Greig: Holberg Suite: Sarabande

Portrait of a Lady Mozart: Mass in C Minor, K427 “Grosse Messe” 1.

Thomas, 2nd Baron Mansel Borodin: String Quartet No.2 Nocturne

Portrait of a Lady as Shepherdess Hoist The Planets: Venus

British School Young Lady Bach: Ave Maria

Portrait of a Woman In Red What Child Is This

But to end on a note of humour. I emailed friend Jordan with the news.

Me: The list is coming along. One might have to be a fast reader to get though the reading by the time the piece concludes. Oh well, survival of the fittest. Hahahaha. I am obviously in a great mood.

She: Haha, a gast reader god you make me laugh Alexis

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