Pierre Was Here, The Wedding Dress Hung; Christmas Plans in Place; Crisis at the YWCA Pool; the Screen at the Rex Whistler

It is difficult to remain positive when living in a corrupt, money-laundering city whose residents walk about in a state of numbness and unconsciousness but usually I manage quite well, thanks you. The reason I am able to do this is because of bright lights, it is best to focus on those lights. .

Pierre the Handyman is a bright light and he came the other day to install new track lighting in the kitchen and we had the best time laughing about the foibles of this horribly run building whose S.T.R.A.D.A ignores many, if not all, of its rules and the manager is allowed to be rude to everyone ExCEPT members of the board. Seeing her with them is rather amusing and she fawns all over them , smiling insidiously. So she is capable of politeness. I do wonder how she is going to treat me as I stormed down on Friday, telling her that the notice providing for water shut down was WOEFULLY inadequate and that water is an essential service and technically I am not responsible for rent on such days. I went to the People’s Law School just down the street and the wonderful woman gave me a book entitled Tenants Survival Guide. I can now say with authority that tenants have rights but I cannot ascertain why they do not enforce their rights and allow themselves to be victimized.

But back to Pierre and the fun. Pierre did hang the $5.00 wedding dress above the bed and a picture will be attached to this blog. It is SO darling So if any man came to my bed he would be smothered by a white wedding dress if he slept on the left side. But, I am sure, that the sight of the wedding dress would be sufficiently off-putting. I have no idea where I got this brilliant and creative idea As you can see it was not a bad dress but it would be necessary to loose some weight before the wedding. It is not worth the bother.

There are other bright lights in my firmament. One is a block and a half away, Dunn’s Restaurant, with their wonderful employees, none coming from Vancouver but from foreign lands. A wonderful conversation with CC, which stands for Courageous Columbian. She went to university in Canada, then went back to her country but there were no jobs in her field, so back she came. She admired my yellow purse purchased in San Rafael for a mere $15.00. I told her that if she was a really good girl I would present her with it at Christmas. So we talked about Christmas, which I HATE but this year I am going to get over it. She will miss her family so I shall host Christmas dinner where people will bring something and we shall be jolly, even if it kills us. We have already invited two more people. MMC, which stands for My Mexico City is so incredibly upbeat – she has just returned from a trip to Europe with her family. She had a wonderful time but will be here alone at Christmas. Then we invited M.F.A., a wonderful young man from Australia, therefore he is Man From Australia. CC and I will consult with one another on future guests and perhaps have engraved invitations made. I had this brilliant idea of inviting a VERY rich man and asking him to bring a million dollars and then we will give it to charity. Otherwise the millions and millions and millions will not be going to charity. Altogether there is room for nine, so it is going to be a small and select group. CC is insisting on a tree but we shall see. I cooked a turkey last year for Thanksgiving so I can do it. It shall be decidedly a jolly Christmas, for the first time in my life. Two years ago alone in London and then last year with Ty – we made excellent Pesto Risotto..He gave me a non Christmas card, it was very low key. But for some reason I do not see him any more so he probably will not be on the guest list.

Another bright light to discuss is the Vancouver Public Library which is about three blocks away. it is so well run, it has so many books and the staff is so helpful and intelligent. I put Simon Armstrong’s book on hold, he is the acquisitions manager at the Tate. Britain and he treated me rather rudely. This trip a new tact is planned – read the book, make a date to meet ages in advance and ask him to reconsider. The Canadian publication of the book shall contain a Play List as suggested by FPM, whose real name with be disclosed in the book. Work on the play list will be one of the tasks of the day. It is almost done, just a few tweaks here and there.Tweaks shall be the word of the day which has two meanings. noun

1 he gave her hair a tweak: pull, jerk, tug, twist, pinch, twitch, squeeze.

2 a few minor tweaks were required: adjustment, modification, alteration, change; refinement. .

The other project VPL helped me with yesterday was research into Sodom and Gomorrah. It has recently come to mind and believe me, I am not a biblical scholar. I am thinking that Vancouver resembles those cities of sin in Genesis. But it is more books ro read. So Many Books, So Little Time.

I have started to have fun with rude people, Unfortunately they are everywhere even at my precious new gym the YWCA. One woman who is not very attractive and acts like the school bully decided she would try to humiliate me. She was not successful because she had no idea who she was messing with. I told her that her reaction to me was not typical of many people in this city.

Me: I am very popular and hundreds of people read my blog every day

She: I do not even know what a blog is. You are crazy!

Me: I am not! I have been tested. The MMPI and the Rorschach Inkblot and it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that I am sane.

I bet that surprised her. She sputters and goes to flirt with LGG – it is sad to watch. But he is most polite to her, She is the school bully, I am the school brat. She reminds me of my mother. A story about her and my ability to overcome can be found by typing Secret of My Success into the search engine.

School Bully: 0

School Brat: 1,000

The planning of the trip to the UK is in progress. When told of the possible dates Wonderful Mathew of the Rex Whistler responded:

He: Leaving! One way to the south pole. JOKING! I will be here – keep me updated so I can get the screen ready for your corner.

Me: You definitely made me giggle. Screen not necessary as I have grown respectable. I may have just told a lie.

Matthew said I could do anything I wanted ,with anyone I wanted behind the screen in this very upscale restaurant. I have not actually grown respectable but I do keep dumping the men in my life. Another one bit the dust yesterday and there is no replacement in sight. Unfortunately all of this is true. I PROMIE to write about dogs tomorrow.

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