The Antithesis of Writer’s Block; Waking to a Wonderful Email from London with News that I am Remembered by a Guy in a Mexican Restaurant; A Busted Computer Gets Fixed; Fire making; Ending in Impatience

I was laughing to myself and thinking that I do not have writer’s block – I have the antithesis of writer’s block – I appear to have writer’s diarrhea. I have all sorts of topics planned to talk about and am busily doing the research on such topics as dogs, and the power and glory of swearing. This blog does keep my mind and fingers active. Poor Chris, my hard working blog master. But we have worked out a routine that works for us (I think us) it is certainly working for me. Do not forget that there was the wonderful surprise of the Gallery in the Menu section, done on his own accord. So I definitely think he is on board – so to speak. I just hope that this is not the Titanic. Hahahaha.

I was exhausted last night and went to bed very early, hence I woke up very early. It is now 4:39. It is so handy having people on different time zones, you shall soon hear about someone who is eight hours ahead as she is in London. Then there is Wonder Alice in Melbourne where it is now 9:42 pm or 21:42. Tracey is in New Zealand but not emailing during her trip. Oops I must take Tel Aviv off my World Clock and FPM is no longer there. He is still in Montreal getting ready to go somewhere, he must just be getting up.

I got a wonderful surprise this morning which put me in an intensely good mood. There was in email in my Inbox, the subject line HEY

She: Hi Alexis!!How are you? I really miss you over here! I went to our favourite place yesterday and one of the guys still remembers you! How are things in Canada? Where are you staying at the moment? xxx

Now I am going to have to give her a nickname, it shall be BYIW which stands for Beautiful Young Indian Woman. We met at the London Mexican restaurant, the one that she calls our favourite place and we really connected, come to think of it, she became a soul mate. But then we parted – me in Canada and she in London. She shouted out at me and believe you me, I shouted back.

Me: I cannot tell you how intensely happy I am to hear from you! I am now living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have a fabulous apartment, ideally located – one block from the symphony, three blocks from a fantastic library and five blocks from the Art Gallery. I also am a new member of the YWCA – where I attend water aerobics class. I suppose the biggest news is that my blog has utterly taken off – something like 400 people read my every day. It is I was going to write you because I am planning to come to London for a visit. When will you be about? Do you have any plans to be away?

How are things going with you? How is your job? How is your man? I cannot believe that the guys in OUR restaurant still remember me ?!?!?! But then, I definitely do remember them. I think I will blog this and include a picture of all of us in the restaurant. I so delight in the knowledge that I may get to see you in a couple of months. I suppose I could get a cheap flight and come early and often – hahahaha. But I HATE flying steerage. What joy to hear from you! xxx Alexis

To say the least it was so gratifying to get this message and to hear that a guy in the Mexican restaurant remembers me. This was the Mexican restaurant in which I tricked Brian my personal trainer. It was Valentine’s Day and instead of training we drank margaritas. It was jolly and I did repeat the trick with Hottie, this time not Valentine’s Day and beer and smoked meat sandwiches in the West End. It also suddenly occurred to me that BYIW and I are soul mates and we did exchange an email to this affect about a year and a half ago. It also occurs that Wonder Alice and i are soul mates as well. i have a busy soul running about mating with others – a promiscuous soul. Hahaha

Then an email from CPI, who is awake at this hour. We spoke of many things. We spoke of Lauren Harris who is one of the Group of Seven. She correctly identified the McMichael Collection which specializes in the Group of Seven and I have been there on more than one occasion. She remembered correctly that I was the Youth Program Director at the YWCA in Edmonton. I said I had no idea what I was doing. I was running a Day Camp for kids with no experience whatsoever in camping. I had to learn how to built a fire from a book.

She: I learned to make fires in Girl Guides, then became famous for stepping in one and burning my feet. Is that success?

Me: You are brilliant for remembering the McMicheal Collection – I did remember that it started with an M. I also think it is brilliant that you managed to step in the fire. I am laughing so hard at that – I fear I shall wet myself as they say in the UK. I have a sick sense of humor. Good night, I guess. A

This has been an eventful day as my computer pooped out and I thought I would die. I am so reliant on my laptop. Trembling I took it to that wonderful man in Yaletown. Yolo , my hero fixed it even though he said in the beginning that it was corroded and he couldn’t. If I would have taken it to the Apple Store that would have said it was too old and not worth fixing and then would be tryin to sell me a new computer. I do not think so , Apple people – I do not think so. Tracey visiting in far off Australia was most sympathetic. I have the best of friends as well and at least three soulmates.

But I cannot believe this. It seems an eternity since I have heard from FPM – an eternity. Then I looked at the most recent email from him and I am so embarrassed because it was on September 5 and this is September 8 and he is traveling. I said to someone:

Me: If we are soulmates we should not even have to communicate. Once I did say to himJust because we are soulmates does not relieve you to your obligation to text me. We do not text these days – we email. Poor man, one has to feel sorry for him. He is in charge of the Arctic – it is big – I went to VPL and looked at a map. I can be SO impatient. I promised him that I would not get mad at him again and be understanding of his time. It is most difficult however.

Off to find the picture of BYIW and I in the Mexican Restaurant in London.

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