What Do I Want to Accomplish with This Blog; An Altercation; Not he

I found something I wrote months ago, to myself i guess. I was addressing the underlying message of the blog. “Get the message out that you can overcome but admit to your sadness and despair. “ I think I am doing it. I am proud of my efforts. 
I am now watching the Russia-Croatia match. I so want Croatia to win. When they played the Russian national anthem I almost became ill. This is why. The Russia people have and do suffer and have for centuries. But they take it and are wrapped up in their superstitions and beliefs – not an educated lot over the ages. But I do admit this. I travelled on the subway in the middle of the night in Moscow and felt perfectly safe. There are not many countries where that could take place. Husband #3 had his pocket picked but how silly of him to have his wallet in his back pocket and all of his credit cards were in it. I had to get poor Gloria to help him – he could not even help himself. I divorced him before he died. We did a good job of scaring off the gypsies in Rome though. We just screamed and yelled and acted crazy and they ran off. Always a good idea, screaming and yelling and acting crazy. 
Sir Richard and I have strange converations, this one a history lesson,  Belgium was playing and I remembered the horrors of the Belgian Congo. 
Me: But you English were no saints. Look at what you did to the Jamaicans, the aborigines in Australia, India, the blacks in South Africa. They forgot to tell us about that in school. 
He: But look at Germany, look at Russia, look at the United States 
Me: You make a good point. I do concede. But please admit to some misdeeds. 
He: I will and there was also southern Spain. 
Me: I did not know about that and I hate it when you are smarter than I am. 
He: I know. 
Me: So it is Russia, Germany, England, USA and then the Belgian Congo, Is that OK? 
He: I agree. What about you? 
Me: I am only Scottish and Canadian. I am home free sort of. So there! So there! So there! 
Holy cow is this soccer game ever exciting! Something bad happened to the goal keeper. This is too exciting for words. I visited  Croatia as well as Russia – I do get around. Not past tense did but do get around.  I am 75 and still going strong. 
I was dealt a cruel blow from a passive aggressive former friend in an email i received during the game. but I rose above it because these days I have real supportive friends who support me. Otherwise I would be riddled with self doubt, taking responsibility for situations for which I am not responsible . The Ordinary Woman’s Fate. Not mine. But this change has been recent – post London. This person was my ‘friend’ for years – preceding Husband #2 even. Too bad, so sad. And Hottie/Sir Richard, my new friend, is smarter and much better looking and funnier and is Uncle Dave reincarnated. Not her! So I ended the friendship in the manner of social media mavens -I blocked her on Instagram and I will merely ignore her emails. She lives in the USA – I do not so therefore our paths will never cross again. 
But back to the game I went, ignoring these negative feelings. The results of the exciting match will be known by the time this blog is posted. Croatia beat Russia – it was endlessly exciting with the Russians being needlessly mean to the Croatians. But it did not work and though there were massive Croatians injuries – the Croatians finally prevailed. I was ecstatic and then the announcers talked of the next game between Croatia and England. I texted Sir Richard. 
Me: Please answer me. Is the next game on Wednesday.? 
He immediately responded. 
He: Yes 
Me: OMG That is the 70th Anniversary of Uncle Dave’s death. The day that terrified me! TERRIFIED me. I now will be OK. Thank you. I was so scared. Thank you. 
I was afraid that I would kill myself – it is apparently a form of post traumatic stress. I made it through last year with the help of a very unlikely person and this year I will because of soccer. – well more than soccer.  I had spoke to Sir Richard of my fears on a prior occasion and it did seem he understood. He is the kind of friend I need. 
At the moment Celtic Women blares from the PBS station, It is heaven. I am Scottish, am I ever. So was my Uncle – it is the one thing we have in common. That and the fact that both of us can write and some other things that are in the book. I have got to get it written. Progress yesterday at the Apple Store. It is dirty work but somebody has to do it. Hahahahahaha 
Tomorrow promises to be a great day. New friends Penelope and VA are coming for lunch. It is so funny – they are a lot younger than I am. BUhT we all come from Edmonton and we have a great time together. We laugh like crazy and what is weird is that we have the same kind of men problems. Strange because I am 75 and they 21. Not exactly but pretty close. I am going to teach them how to cook – sort of. I have the recipe all picked out.and we have scores of leftovers from the India Bistro where Tracey and I ate the other day. We had the greatest time with the very handsome MM. He had some of the best answers, here are some examples. 
Me: How old are you anyway? 
He: Old enough. 
He was making me a lemon drop and innocently inquired: 
He: Do you want sugar on the rim? 
Me: No words just gales of raucous laughter 
He: I had to ask.
Raucous is the word of the day. It is an adjective : rowdynoisy, boisterous, roisterous, wild. ANTONYMS restrained, quiet. 
Then later when the leftovers were stacked beside me. 
Me: My goodness I am going to need a sherpa 
He: I could arrange personal home delivery. 
But I carried them home myself and in the words of the Bard: All’s well, that ends well. 
I write from bed most of the time. The photo is of the wall that faces me and contains a laminated copy of the cover of the Uncle Dave book. It inspires me.  

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