Blogging While Watching Soccer; Doable? Apparently!; Not a Duke; Perhaps an Earl but Better to be a Lord

Is it possible to blog while watching soccer – we shall see. It is now 7 in the morning. I am up. have instagrammed, took out the garbage (where are men when your really need them?). I am dressed in red, including red shoes and glasses. I am on this! I have already cried like a baby at the moment when the players marched on the field holding the hands of kids, for some reason I just cried like a baby. New readers may not know this but I hate sports – have hated them my whole life. It is an attitude that is a bit inconvenient when one is writing biography of a sports writer. But then something magical happened and I ended up with a personal trainer – Hottie/Sir Richard of Hots and then I magically became interested in soccer. It is chronicled on the blog when it suddenly occurred to me that Hottie played soccer. Uncle Dave played soccer in Regina Saskatchewan and that is how he got his start. Stoped the Scottish family tradition of being a hard working coal miner or joiner and instead became a writer – of incredible fame for the times. And could that guy write? Boy, could he ever. He died so young – only 39 years of age.

I can write and watch because of touch typing, a summer course taken with friend Beth when we were about 14. It did not come in handy at first because I was determined to go to University rather than become a secretary. But then later when computers became a way of life it was the most helpful course I ever took. And with me that is saying something – not only am I over schooled but there was cooking, photography, flower arranging and goodness knows what else. Sometimes in my life I ponder all the things that have happened to lead to this moment. It is rather mind boggling. I only contemplate this at times of joy, not times of sorrow, I have noted, sometimes my attitudes amazes me.

I watch Pickford, the goal keeper is talking away. This weekend in Whistler (watching soccer and not knowing all the rules) someone was trying to be helpful.

He; That is a goal keeper His job is to try and keep them from scoring.

Me: Thank you but I figured that one out. Do I look that stupid?

He: (speechless)

So here is a secret. Yesterday it was off to the Equinox for my thrice weekly training with Hottie. I hugged and laughed with new friends Penelope and VA (both nicknames)) and then Hottie made is appearance.

He: Hello. Did you know that there is a soccer game – Belgium is playing Brazil (I think)

Me: Please bend down so I can whisper in your ear.

Me: Let’s get out of here and go watch instead of train.

It did not look that suspicious as he and I train outside a lot of the time so it did not appear that we were being truant. Hottie had to put on another shirt before we left. He came out dressed wearing a shit identical to the ones worn by the players with the crest and everything and off we went and he found a place that served beer and pizza and we watched and had the best of times. I had to leave and go to a class at the Apple Store to work on the book. We were both cheering on the other side. Later I texted Sir Richard.

Me: Who won?

He: Belgium

Me: Damn

We talked about the game that was to be played this early morning.

Me: Can you drink beer at that time of day of when you watch soccer?

He: I am.

Me: I will too then.

But later in the day I texted him:

Me: Not going out for beer! If you win then champagne, but if you loose then it will be hard liquor and drugs.

He: (a big heart) .

Just now MaGuire cored. He hit the ball in with his head – with HIS HEAD! I texted Hottie but no response. Probably because he is crying like a baby.

So apparently this is going to change the nature of the game. Sweden good with defense but now they have to give it up and try to score. Hottie eerily looks like Kane the the captain. But early on in the game Kane missed what looked an easy shot. I was horrible.

Me: How could you f**king miss that??

Alter Ego: Alexis, you are not being fair.

Me: Too bad, so sad. But he must feel horrible right now.

The English goal keeper is very chatty. It must be hard as he is sort of there all by himself. So he is talking to himself, rather like I do. .

I now know (thanks to Hottie) that the World Cup is played only once very four years. I am not sure where in four years but this was his wisdom.

He: It is going to be in Canada in eight years.

Me: I will be 83 then, right?

He: Yes

Me: where would I be without your math skills?

The television told me this England has 80% pass accuracy. That is rather incredible.

Then what happened is this. It became half time and I had to pay total attention. England went on to score again Alli’s head this time. I am beginning to worry.

Me: Do you get injured when you play soccer?

He: Yes, I do once in awhile.

His head might get injured, never thought of that before. I will have to give him a big lecture – I am sure he will listen. That is a joke, he will not. There is only one person in the world that is more stubborn than Alexis McBride. Sir Richard of Hot. Yesterday over pizza and beer I made a formal announcement to Sir Richard.

Me: I have decided that I am going to make you a Duke.

He: I am not ready for that, too much responsibility.

Me: I laugh! I hate it when you are funnier than I am!

He: I know!

Me: Ok! What about an Earl? I will make you an Earl.

He: I might be ready for that in a couple of months.

It sounds crazy but honest to goodness that was our conversation. But I have changed my mind. I am going to make him a Lord. Then we can legitimately sit at the Lord and Lady’s table at my precious Rex Whistler. I will have to email Matthew and tell him of my plans. I was seated there twice. Once for my goodbye party when I left for Canada in March of 2017 and then when I returned in December of 2017. And I was not accompanied by a Lord. I have the greatest life now. It is not without its hardships and certainly hardships marked my early years. All I have to do is finish the book. But interestingly, this can be material for the book. My word count constantly mounts.

The picture is one showing me in my patriotic red – worn for the game. I posted on Instagram prior to the game.

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