My New Addiction; Soft, Caring Eyes; Sexless in the City; Hottie’s Poor Head; and a Wave From the Maestro

I have acquired a new addiction. When I get into something, I really get into it as the frequency of these blog posts attest. In addition I do not just go to the gym – I go three times a week meeting my personal trainer, the renowned Sir Richard of Hot. When I find a favorite restaurant I become a regular. I was addicted to the Rex Whistler in London – that addiction is in remission because I live in Vancouver and the commute is horrific. I have found something new, British murder mysteries found on my favorite PBS television channel. My very favorite is Lewis and I have a personal connection. The co-star is Laurence Fox and he once looked at me, Alexis McBride (born in Saskatchewan) with those soft eyes that men display when they really, care for someone. I will tell you the occasion of the soft eyes and then reflect upon the phenomena. For six years, prior to my move to London, I travelled there as a part of a theatre group. It was a package deal, plane fare, hotel accommodation, theatre tickets and lecture series in which the stars of the various performances would come and be interviewed by Matt Wolff. It was incredible, mind blowing. So once upon a time Laurence Fox came to our hotel. I was crazily enthusiastic, impressed beyond belief because even back then I was a fan of Lewis. Laurence was very taken with my enthusiasm and gazed upon my with soft eyes.

So you can imagine my remembered joy when I watched the television series last night. I love his character thoroughly and I said to myself.

Me: Laurence looked at me with soft eyes.

Alter Ego: Those were the days my friend.

Me: But it was not unmitigated delight. The old biddies in the programme were jealous of me and made it difficult for me and then you were treated rudely by Betty.

Alter Ego: That is true but you had those soft eyes gaze upon you and those other women did not.

Me: It is true. If the old biddies were like me than he would get tired giving soft eyes to everyone.

So it is a case of there is no joy without sorrow, no sweet without bitter etc. etc. etc.

The first man that looked at me with soft eyes was probably a boy at the time. I would walk into a room and he would say: “Granny Alexis” and look at me in an adoring way. There were other occasions here and there but I was totally blown away when Joo Kim Tiah would say my name and look at me with those eyes. Occasionally I demonstrated the look. I once asked someone what I looked like when I looked at him.

Me: Really? And with my mouth open, agape like that?

He: Yes

Me: Well, I guess I believe you but thousands would not.

I have caught other people looking at me like that recently but I am not telling because it is private. It is rather startling.

Me: How did I miss that?

Alter Ego: Don’t ask me. Perhaps you do not want to see how important you are to that person.

Me: You have a point there. And come to think of it the people tend to push you away and distance themselves because of the feeling.

I had the greatest time yesterday with V.A. and Penelope. I gave a cooking demonstration and we ate and laughed and we have a serious new plan. It involves YouTube somehow and we have decided to be a force. I read them my two previous blogs and we decided that it would be a good idea to have a forum for the spoken word. I think we are delaying production because of the book I have to finish. Drat. We worked out the best title – I think it was Sexless in the City bemoaning the situation with men in Vancouver. I laugh just thinking about it.

But back to my new addiction. There are several attractions to the murder mysteries.

1 Not only are some of the men hot (for example Laurence Fox) but there is usually at least one strong woman character. That is so gratifying to observe.

2 Human motivations are explored constantly and in depth, with all of their complexities. English people are a strange lot – quirkier than post other people from other countries, if seems to me.

3 The sights and sounds of England remind me of the good times had while in London and its environs. It is comforting in a strange way.

4 The greatest joy, of course, is that the mystery is solved and the culprit punished. Everything is tied up – this is not, of course, like real life.

I have managed to learn things about my life by watching. One husband in a particular mystery, had affairs but not out of passion or caring for the mistresses but out of anger towards the wife. He used the other women to get back at his wife, for goodness knows what. I saw with belated awful realization that it was Steve’s modus operandi. It was a little late in the realization but was very useful in extinguishing all feelings for him. He has finally left me alone – he must have found a new victim. I pity the poor woman, for many reasons.

I trained with Hottie today and I was, unfortunately, correct He does use his head to propel the soccer ball and to make matters worse – he plays about once a week. I was correct also about the futility of my asking or telling him to stop.

Me: It would do no good to tell you to stop doing it.

He: No it would not.

Me: If I told her you to stop you would not and moreover….

He: I would do it more, twice as much.

Me: I knew it! Now who is being the willful child and who is being the mother.

He: It is a role reversal

Me: You can say that again.

He: It is a role reversal.

Me: I can never come and watch you play and hurt yourself.

Then one of the funniest things happened. We were walking in a back alley, a SUV passed and suddenly honked his horn. I was startled, jumped and screamed. Then a woman, a passenger in the SUV screamed. We could not stop laughing at the improbability of it all. I guess you would have to be there to appreciate the humor. You weren’t, it was just Hottie and me. Too bad, so sad!

Oh, by the way, the word of the day is agape which means: (of the mouth) wide open, especially with surprise or wonder: Downes listened, mouth agape with incredulity.Now that is sad, I guess it was a combination of surprise and wonder, my mouth agape.

The photograph is Maestro Tovey and his daughter waving at me from the Olympic Plaza in Whistler. I had a great time despite the people at the Whistler Fairmont.

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