The Dreaded Day Dawns But is Filled with Sunshine and a Ray of Hope; Jinya Ramen Man; I Quit the Gym; Carelessness As Cause of Death; Strong Women

Today is the 70th anniversary of my beloved uncle’s death, a day that I absolutely dreaded. Someone very dear to me emailed:

She Will be thinking of you for your uncle’s anniversary of his death. Funny how close you became to him. It is a mysterious life we all lead – who know what connections are yet in store for you.

Me: It scares the shit out of me, the connections that are in store for me. Hahahahaha But I do have to finish this book in order to forge new ones. Anyway, in terms of the connections – I do not think I have ever been so loved by so many in this my new ‘landing place’. None of those that love me are family, in the usual sense of the word. With heaps of love to all, Alexis

But then the most interesting thing happened. I made a new connection – these are excerpts from a text he sent last evening.

He: You have made my day and my whole trip to the west coast. I look to continuing exchanging with you and enjoy sharing our views of the world. Have a great night, xoxo

Me: Meeting you was so important to me. You made things clearer and actually am not mourning my uncle. I do admire the life you are making for yourself. You are my knight in shining armor and you speak such sweet French.

Now you dirty minded people, it is not what you think it might be. i met this individual at my favorite new place Jinya Ramen on Robson and Richards. He has a very important job with the federal government. I went into Jinya Ramen after being at VPL getting help with my computer, mainly issues about the book. The library has this great program wherein you can go and get computer assistance – it beats the hubbub of the Apple Store and the library staff are so incredibly helpful. I am refocusing my life, centering my being at the library rather than my prior focus of the Equinox gym. DRUM ROLL I quit the gym, yes I did. The woman described in the blog of June 28, 2018 with the fantastic So Many Men, So Little Time submitted her thirty day notice. It will mean no more Hottie/ Sir Richard of Hot because Boss Lady does not allow the trainers to have private clients outside the gym.

I emailed F Guy to tell him. F Guy was the person who sent me So Many Men So Little Time with the caveat that it described my relationship with the gym. The email’s subject line: You Will Never Believe This – Never.

Me: Be prepared for a shock! I am quitting the gym – it is bye, bye Equinox at the end of the month. Yes it is true. So say something profound so that I can put it on the blog when I make the announcement! Your pal, Alexis

He: The gym and Hottie? Or just the gym? But why? That is more like a profound question.

Me: Both because the gym and Hottie are intertwined. You cannot have one without the other.

He: Please explain why you have done this

Me: Many reasons. It was actually quite considered although the rudeness of one or two individuals became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

So I am doing this right, saying good bye properly and Hottie and I have worked out a plan which is hilariously funny and I will share it later. I still am very dependent on him. For example:

Me: Math guy. Uncle born in 1908 – so today would have been 110?

He: Your math was correct for once.

Me: I am laughing so hard I am dying. And it is twice that my math was correct. I figured out that I had to live until 98 fo you to cash in. So there! So there! So there!

One anniversary of Dave Dryburgh’s death I got really upset and then I got a hold of myself by saying that it was stupid. He had to die at some point – it would be unlikely that he would live until 108 (that was then). Last year I remember sending an email to cousin Gail informing her that I would stay away from water and not go to the jacuzzi. I was living in the Trump at the time. This year I ended up feeling fine and will even have a bath. I am so unpredictable. I am going to have to give the ‘new man’ a nick name I guess. Jinya Ramen Man perhaps. I haven’t told you this yet – he is extremely handsome. I seem to have a thing for good looking men. I mean he is just a friend, like Hottie is a friend but it does not hurt to be handsome and they are nice to look at. When I went for training yesterday I looked at Hottie and said:

Me: How am I going to get on without you?

He: You should have thought of that before!

Me: Well I guess so silly. But how are you going to get on without me?

I cannot remember what he said in response. Probably something like: “Quite well, thank you very much.”Anyway we are working on a complicated and hilarious plan for continued involvement in each other’s lives. It is really inventive, calling me to draw up a contract.

Me: Who is drawing up the contract? That is probably my job as well.

He: Send me the first draft. I will amend. Then send back.

I, in my thorough fashion have drafted the contract. You will hear about it later

So you can see I am getting on with my life. I will never know for sure but it seems that at the end of his life Uncle Dave got stuck. The boat capsized because he was trying to rescue his wife’s purse from the water. That was careless on both of their parts. “The marriage was in decline” he said. One of the first things he said to me in January of 2016. I bet that got your attention. You are going to have to read the book to get more details about that. But first of all I have to write it. I am! I am! I am!

The picture is of a plaque found in the Papyrus store in downtown Vancouver. It is definitely a theme of this blog.

The word of the day is cavaet a warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.

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