Gone Astray; From the Lobby of the Whistler Fairmont ; An Insult from Husband #1; A Flugelhorn; A Comparison of Young Men and More

So yesterday I fired off an email to F guy telling him that he made the blog again and so his fame would be growing. He did respond to the email.

He: Fame is good, now just looking for fortune!

Me: Too late for you!

As you can see I can be cruel. But not as cruel as I was to Husband #1 who coldly informed me that he did not read my blog nor did he approve of the venture at all.

He: Also, as a family of private paranoids, we pretty much avoid exposure on Internet media and are probably inappropriately negatively judgemental about people who expose themselves generously.

Me: I experienced a quiet good natured laugh at your response and marveled at the wisdom of our divorce. We certainly have gone our separate ways and as Rudyard Kipling so eloquently stated: Never the twain shall meet. I am avidly followed by thousands but not by Husband #! – nor his ‘family’. Well the little ones cannot read yet – or can they? To each his own. Alexis

Who won that round? I would say me and I am not finished with him. He does not read the blog anyway. And most people do not know who he is and believe me he is so boring you do not want to know him anyway. When I love,I love. When I hate, I hate.

So I am writing from the lobby of the Whistler Fairmont, I am sort of hungry but, in my disciplined manner, I am writing my blog first. I have had coffee, brewed in my spacious room. It is Canada Day and the picture will show balloons etc. that festoon the public spaces. Festoon is the word of the day and has been used as a verb. the room was festooned with streamers: decorate, adorn, ornament, trim, deck (out), hang, loop, drape, swathe, garland, wreathe, bedeck; informal do up/out, get up, trick out; literary bedizen. Now if that stuffy ex-husband of mine would be reading my blog his vocabulary would be enhanced and he would be a better grandfather. Too bad, so sad.

Faithful readers will know that this is my second Canada Day. Canada Day 2017 was for Alexis McBride a grand day. GRAND. I painted my face like the Canadian flag, dressed in red and Iwhite (with pearls) went down to Canada Place and had my picture taken with 82 people, most of whom hugged me and said Welcome Home. I had been gone from Canada for 50 years.

Behind the scenes I was utterly smitten by Joo Kim Tiah and sent him a selfie of my Canadian face. He mailed back:

He: How patriotic!

This year is a bit different, and then again not. i am again rather smitten by a young man who is, unfortunately, even younger that that 37 year old Mr. Tiah. This guy does not have as much money (hahahahaha) but has a better sense of humor and did ask me to marry him and I have it in writing. Mr. Tiah did not and we corresponded for months. How extremely tacky of him.

As some of you may know I am here at Whistler for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Canada Day celebration. Some of us were bused here from the Orpheum and I was struck with the horrible realization that I had nothing in common with these folks even though I am probably older than some if not most. There was not a single man in sight (thank goodness for that, said I in a text to Hottie). They all came in twos like Noah’s Ark. Man and Woman or (probably if the husband had died) Woman and Woman. They either slept, gazed at the passing scenery, read newspapers or books. Whereas yours truly was busy Instagramming and texting handsome young men – one of whom was quite responsive. The responsive one was not Hottie, by the way.

Me: I am having the time of my life meeting all kinds of great people in the line up at the Fairmont. A neighbor in the line lives two blocks from me. She is an events planner. She can plan the wedding.

Me: OMG I forgot!?!?!?!? We are not getting married.

He: You cannot afford me $$$$$$

Me: I can toooooooo. You make me giggle.

He: I am steep!

He then sent me more music. It was very sweet and he is very talented. So I guess my life is, in some way is improving.

Now this is a confession. I am here for the VSO programme but I have not gone to one single thing. Not one! I am having too much fun here at the Fairmont. Yesterday there was lunch, there was meeting all kinds of people, there was the hot tub, there was swimming and meeting wonderful families who were wonderful to me. They encouraged me to swim – I have water phobia. I do not know if Uncle Dave’s drowning had anything to do with it. But I bravely grabbed a floating device and paddled about. They cheered and were very proud of me. The event planner and I had a serious conversation and she said I should not feel guilty – the whole idea was for me to enjoy myself. And I AM, I AM, I AM.

When I first came down to the lobby there were two men lounging on the sofa with their musical instruments.

Me: This is embarrassing but what is that instrument. I do not recognize it.

He: It is a soprano sax.

Me: Oh, that makes me feel stupid.

He: Do not worry it is a weird instrument.

Me: But I know that one, I think. It is a trumpet . Husband #! and #3 played the trumpet so I should know that.

He: Well, actually it is a flugelhorn

Me: My gosh. Husband #3 had one but he died last March. I wonder where it is now?

He: This is it!!

My goodness, we all laughed. I am sure that he was kidding but in my life, who in the world knows and I guess cares. I mean it looks like the flugelhorn found a good home if it was indeed the same instrument.

After I send this off to Chris in London I am going to go up to my room, change my clothes and perhaps have someone else paint my face. It is taking place in the lobby. The Fairmont is celebrating Canada Day with great style and elan. Very different from the Trump International Hotel last year. I was the main attraction then. This year is better – the guy poorer perhaps. I really love the Concierge here – she has replaced CCC – too bad, so sad.

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