Authorship of a Different Nature; Breaking Off the Engagement; An Adventure in Face Painting; a Blast at Firing Line; and a Fish

F guy quite brilliantly suggested a new vehicle for my adventures.

He: the encounter with Derek somehow brings to my mind one of those travel books that features travel tips such as what to do with 24 hours in Copenhagen. There could be a new variation that highlights men instead of cities–24 hours with Derek—featured hot spots, conversation tips, dining suggestions, favorite things to do together, etc. Could be a best seller. Indeed, so many men, so little time!

Me: Brilliant, can I blog it?

He: Of course!

Derek, is the former affianced. He made a brief appearance in the June 28,2018 blog but I dumped him. It was complicated but the age discrepancy proved unwieldy. So the new word of the day is affianced, it just came to me, I looked it up and it was perfect. Unwieldy a second choice for word of the day; difficult to carry or move because of its size, shape, or weight: the first mechanical clocks were large and unwieldy.

Yesterday ended up being a rather full day. A trip to the gym where I gave out Canada Day presents – little pins that said: “No you’re weird” There was a case of mistaken identity wherein Beachie wrongly identified Derek as being Chad, the leader of an iconic Canadian band. I fired off a text accusing Derek of being a liar – definitely getting out of that proved a bit difficult but we briefly kissed and made up. Marriage not in the cards however.

I suppose the thing that utterly blew my mind happened at Michael’s on Alberni Street. I went in the store to purchase red and white face paint to facilitate my appearance on Canada Day. The employee that assisted me helped me in 2017 and remembered me. I had gone back to see her showing her pictures. I about fainted. This fame stuff is amazing to me. People recognize me, call my name, say that they miss me if I do not regularly go to their restaurant. It never ceases to amaze me. It is all rather exhausting however.

I did eventually reach home after a stop at Dunn’s where I had comfort food, befriended two charming little girls and collected hugs. I Instagrammed my face paints. However, I went home to have a totally frustrating experience with Instagram. I was watching the TV program Firing Line and became infuriated with the views being expressed. It began rather brilliantly with the interviewee discussing the effect of arbitration on cases of sexual harassment. Arbitration clauses found in employment contracts served to silence women who had been harassed due to the confidentiality of the proceedings. This was something that I had not considered. But then it veered and became a diatribe against men and rather than empowering women it victimized them. The interviewer presented herself as a victim as the boss on her first job suggested that they watch dirty movies together. “Poor me”, said she. But excuse me, she was a lawyer. She could have sweetly smiled at the boss and told him that she did not particularly like dirty movies. But, Oh No, she held onto this for years and years and years. The backlash from the Me Too and similar groups is going to be profound. Rather than banding together women should be encouraged to educate themselves, become financially independent and stand up for themselves. I have done that for most of my life. I could not very well say no to my father’s advances but I have done an excellent job since then. And in a way, because of my sense of humor, had fun thwarting the unwelcome advances of men. Recently an extremely powerful man made a pass at me. I told him that was no way to start a relationship and that the only way he could manage to bed me was to accumulate 100 points. For example, tweet points for dinner, twenty five for a theatrical performance etc. etc. He laughed good naturally and that was that. On another occasion he did buy me dinner at a rather expensive restaurant and provided me with confidential information which proved helpful. I concluded that I won that encounter and I did not need Me Too to put him down. I actually found him rather pathetic not an ogre. I have no desire to see him again. All one really can do when facing misogyny is walk away.

Anyway, back to Instagram. I did a short video expressing my rage but it would not send. I was furious but wisely went to bed with a note that the issue would be faced in the blog of today. I now have and will move onto packing for my wonderful weekend in Whistler.

The photo is the fish at my favorite Japanese restaurant where I briefly met a new guy who might call me after I get back from Whistler. So many men; so little time.

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