So Many Men; So Little Time; A New Model; Another Proposal; You Better Live Until You Are 100

F Guy, who appears often in this blog, is familiar with my antics as he and I have known one another for almost fifty years. He lives in the Bay Area, so I see him on my periodic visits back for my ‘former home” . We also, rather sporadically, connect though email. He was told of my Equinox antics, then helpfully sent the following email. 
He: So many men, so little time!  Didn’t know where that quote came from—so looked it up and found this little video that you and your gym admirers might like 

Me: OMG how absolutely perfect! That is me!
I did, of course, take it to the gym and played it for everyone including Boss Lady with vague plans of re enacting it with the hunks at the Equinox. It would be hilarious but, for some reason, I am feeling tired and the thought of strutting about seems tiresome. But I may get my second wind (or third, or fourth). i forwarded it to computer guru Jackson with the following message. 
Me: Hey Luv, Can you post the you tube thing that referred to in the first sentence. It is so unbelievably funny and pretty much describes my experiences at the gym (and in life I guess). When I get your answer I will design the blog around it. God it is SO funny – when I get the energy we are going to do a mock up showing the guys drooling over me. It is a role model for young women, it is. All this crap about the sanctity of marriage when there are so many men and so little time. Hahahaha Alexis
He: Will do! 
The model today for older women, practiced in this country, in the USA and in Australia (to name countries I am familiar with) is to retire, uproot yourself from where you have lived most of your life, settle close to the children and grandchildren and then grow old gracefully. But it is a silly model and creates a burden on everyone and for no good reason. The grandchildren, the cute little toddlers, grow up to be sullen teenagers with no interest in Old Gran. Old Gran’s progeny have the overwhelming task of being there for their mother because Mom has left all of her friends and contacts behind. Slowly a role reversal takes place and Old Gran becomes the child and everyone takes care of her. The dream of scores of women my age and older. . I would much rather be the woman in So Many Men, So Little Time. Furthermore, I bet you a billion dollars that most, if not all, men would prefer that image and the fun of being around a woman who is interesting, who gives freely of herself expecting nothing back. Well younger men, the old farts want to have a woman around to wipe up their drool and change their diapers. I like my men young. Many (well most) will not believe this but a young ‘un proposed and I have it in writing. 
He: Marry Me
Me; OK, when? Civil or religious ceremony? 
He: The whole eloping idea always appealed to me. 
Me: You are crazy! Did you know that you would be number 4? But I have never eloped before. But perhaps we should have a date first? 
He: What would the neighbor’s say?
Me: Who cares? 
He: You are right! 
Me: Give them something to talk about. 
He: Those other 3 guys were just practice. 
Me: So now I have it down perfect?
He: Haha yes. 
Now it ends up that there is an age discrepancy: 
Me: How old are you anyway?
He: 29 
Me: Shit! 
He: Too young? 
Me: Of course!! 
But this guy is so sweet and so wise. About our age discrepancy he writes: 
He: You better live until 100
Me: I promise! My doctor did honestly tell me that I am going to live forever. HONEST
And then this wisdom. When he disappeared I wrote: 
Me: Oops I lost you
He: Hardly 
Then later:
He: Just like sand through an hourglass. So are the men in our lives. 
Me: How are you so funny and profound?? I am at this moment being serious. I am impressed by you. 
You are going to have to take my word for it, but he is unbelievably good looking. Even sort of Greek God like good looking. Everyone who has seen his picture agrees. 
So I tell people about him and our ‘engagement’. 
They: Where did you meet him? 
Me: Outside my apartment building. He lives in the same neighborhood as I do. So at least he lives in a good neighbourhood and he is convenient. All that London and Belgium stuff was a great drag. 
And if any of you negative people think that I am either !) Making it up OR 2) Using him YOU ARE WRONG and he has given me permission to use his words in this blog. Our words cheered the two of us and cheered up other people who heard our words. So there! So there! So there! 
Of course the only reason all of this is possible is that I did not have children. I have income, I was able to divorce husbands, my youthful appearance and my love of life are the necessary byproducts of NOT having children. I wisely decided at a young age not to have them. The odds are that I would have been an abusive parent – Freud’s repetition compulsion. It was a very brave act, not to have children. It would have been a lot easier to go along with the flow, so to speak. But those poor damn kids, having me for a mother. People point to many factors in my life telling me I would have been a good mother. Trust me, idiots, I know better. 

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