Screen Saver Replacement; an Inspirational Stained Glass Window; An Intense Brag About SMM and PBF; Sore Stomach Muscles; Thoughts on Suicide

In the days of yore the screensavers on my computer and my phone consisted of a glorious picture of New Guy (aka BIM). He is a looker and it was fun to show EVERYONE his picture. But then things changed (see prior blogs). The first move was to replace the computer image which is now a Scottish bull. Friend Lynne pointed out that it is a bull not a cow as previously stated, thanks Lynne, what are friends for anyway? Now the phone has a new image, one that will surprise and shock. It is a photograph of a stained glass window found in Christ Church Cathedral located on the corner of Burrard and West Georgia Street. It is window 14 by Robert McCauland Ltd, Toronto and was installed in 1976. There is a fascinating story which underlies the source of funds to purchase the window. The Cathedral was slated for demolishing, a high rise to rise in its place. The congregation raised funds to mount a legal battle but “City Hall re-fused a re-development and the building was designated a Class A Heritage site.” The congregation decided to use the money in the legal fund to purchase this window. The scene is described: “Christ kneels in prayer in the garden of Gethsemane on the night of betrayal and arrest. The rays of light are God’s love shining down on him. In the background, Jerusalem, where crucification awaits Him, is across the Kidron Valley from Gethsemane. The olive tree represents the wood of the Cross.”

I went to view the window on Wednesday after making the commitment to remain in Vancouver and continue my membership at the Equinox gym. I had visited the Cathedral and that window before. Thy Will Be Done has incredible meaning to me, which is highly unusual as I am not a Christian. As anyone who knows me will attest – I am willful. But, at some time after my arrival in Vancouver, I used Thy Will Be Done as a mantra. It did bring me into a sort of state of grace.

It did seem on Wednesday morning that my decision was God’s will and so I walked up West Georgia from the Equinox to pay respects and to take a photograph.

So now from the sublime to the ridiculous. I weighed in at the gym and I am impressed and Sir Richard is impressed. I have lost nine pounds in a year (without dieting and eating the occasional donut). But here is the most amazing news. My body fat mass has decreased and my dry lean mass has increased. Actually everyone in the gym was impressed because I told EVERYONE. So perhaps in a very small way God’s will is being done. I am a role model for old ladies, thus sayeth the gym. Old ladies need to pick themselves off the couch and get to the gym to improve and sustain their mobility. They need to exercise their way to strong joints not have hip and knee replacements which only clog an already burdened medical system. But that mean Sir Richard was making me do stomach exercises, not for the purpose of having a flat belly but to support my back. I complained vociferously at the time and I knew what would happen. I texted Sir Richard this morning:.

Me: Damn you my stomach muscles are so sore and it is all your fault.. Meanie!!!

He: You will have abs in no time

Me: If I don’t die in the meantime or commit suicide because of the pain! I am laughing!

I suppose it is a little tacky to be speaking of suicide in the wake of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. My friend Chris and I are in contact after several years absence. She now lives in Laurence, Kansas. We went to a dinner in Marin several years ago and Anthony Bourdain spoke and we were mesmerized. He was handsome, he was funny, he inspired but he offed himself. I have some theories which will be far more profound that the stuff on television but it requires some thought and analysis. Perhaps instead of killing himself he should have walked down West Georgia Street and looked at a stained glass window purchased with money from a legal fund. The funds not necessary because City Hall did the right thing. What are the chances that this be done today. NIL but I am not becoming mayor because I hate meetings and I hate politicians. Honest to goodness, my mayoralty is being encouraged. I can kick ass and I am not swayed by people with money. I dress well. Everyone is getting to know me. Perhaps we can turn Pierre Burton’s adage upside down. Vancouver is a great place for a city but it is not a great city.

But right now I have got to get dressed, have something to eat and take out the garbage. How the mighty have fallen and where is a husband when you really need one? Garbage is a man’s job, that and barbecuing.

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