Alexis, the Mighty was Victimized but I Think Not and I Have a Lawyer; Thoughts on Beggars’ Home Ownership; “Alexis Please Calm Down; and my Business Card

Well gang, it is true. Alexis the Great has been victimized. “By whom?” you are saying with outrage in your voice, Not by whom you might be thinking, you petty bunch. I can read your alleged minds. I have been victimized by Shell Vacations Club – royally victimized. Harassed by telephone and told that the matter would be turned over to a collections agency. So I screamed at the guy on the phone and told him that had no meaning to me because collection agencies are powerless their chief remedy being with a credit report and I do not need any money and I shall not. I am not going to buy a place – here in Vancouver one would have to be totally crazy to buy property at rates that are inflated beyond belief. People here in Vancouver buy property these days because they are either acting on instinct or trying to please their mothers. People have children these days because they are either acting on instinct or trying to please their mothers. People have dogs these days in great numbers in this city because their are either acting on instinct or trying to please their mother. As to people who give money to beggars? They do so because it makes them feel superior to the beggar. They are not humanitarian at all – they are putting the beggar down. I sometimes tell beggars that I respect their dignity, that is why I do not give them money. I had a worse upbringing than any of them and I went on and made a success of my life. A total success except in the men department. And even in that department I could at least admit I made a mistake and the dump them. I am getting better and faster at it. Please witness New Guy (aka BIM). I did not marry him, I did not go to bed with him. So there! So there! So there!

Anyway, back to Shell Vacations Club and the rant directed to them. On one of my recent trips to the San Francisco Bay Area I stayed at Inn at the Opera, one of Shell Vacation Club properties. It was a good stay except for the insult from the owner of the restaurant there. I can rant against restaurant owners and managers but I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. So I went to the promotional deal where they promised breakfast but it was not very good but just a sandwich. Anyway, they won me over with a sort of enhanced program that would allow me a great deal of flexibility, staying in our of the way places, in restored castles. At the time I was thinking of Manchester – but believe me – no more. So I decided to join up – but rather than do a monthly payment I reasoned that I would take money from my savings and pay it off. Further, I would pay with a credit card to get frequent flier miles and then immediately pay off the credit card with some money from my investments. I did that – got a receipt it was seamless. But then later I got some funny little payment books – I thought it was a temporary error and just ignored it and the silly bills that came. Sometimes the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and all of that. But then I started to get a series of calls directed to “Our Valued Shell Vacation Club Member/“ As this blog attests I have a lot going on – but I eventually retuned one of the calls and talked to flaming idiot who was unable to tell me what I was being billed for. (Admittedly because I was yelling at him), I do laugh. He threatened me with the collection agency and I hung up. But then I have been haunted by calls. Haunted. I simply do not return the calls as the record (and blog) will note I have had a lot on my mind. A personal crisis of epic proportions. But now that the crisis is over i was going to read the massive contract, figure out what was going on and then call them. But today, in a moment of clarity I found the stupid payment book and figured out that the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing. I am not sure of my next move – I think just to call them and calmly tell them that I will be seeing my lawyer and she will be talking to them. Well more than just talking to them I am sure. You see, I am going to do what my uncle said to do. I am going to stand by the sidelines and let them do themselves in. But they were not playing by the rules. So they do need to get punished for that. And I have God on my side. Any conflict will not interfere with my Dream Vacation offered as a promotional scheme. I am thinking perhaps Italy or Switzerland, in the mountains but no hiking will be required or participated in. It is funny why I have a time share in the first place. I did it to get even with Husband #3 – well it sort of back fired but I have had some good trips and now I have a massive cause of action.

And oh my goodness I can also say when I call that Shell Vacation Club’s malfeasance is on my blog, The one with 239,000 visitors in one year. So my advice to all of you is never buy a timeshare from Shell Vacations Club because they do not even know how to properly bill besides it is a rather stupid idea to have a time share.

I love it when I get angry – I can say assuredly that no one else does. Someone recently quite sweetly said in an email.

He: Alexis, please can you calm down? I think we need to talk in a couple of hours I’ll call. No relationship is a bed of roses but we have to fight for what we want

Me: What are you talking about? What relationship? I am relatively calm – emphasis on relatively! And it takes two to have a relationship. So it is you and who else. Right now it is a masbatory relationship.

The poor man, you have got to feel sorry for him. The picture is of my cute new business card with the data blacked out so lines will not be forming on the street, Men wanting to meet me. Hahahaha. The picture was taken at SFO Airport when I was on my way to a wedding in Las Vegas. (not mine for once). It was about seven years ago, I am sipping Alexis wine. It was expensive. But what a cute picture and, this is eerie, I look younger now. You may have to take my word for that but I will show Sir Richard of Hot tomorrow and see if he agrees. He better. .

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