The Eventual Obituary Containing Misinformation; A Ranking of Obituaries and a Picture of the New Guy

So I finally got around to Googling Paul Skvaril and found that there was a belated obituary submitted and here it is:

Paul J. Skvaril Apr 14, 1932 Mar 25, 2018 Paul passed away peacefully in his home in San Rafael. Born in Lake Andes, SD, to Tillie (Hakl) and John S. Skvaril, he is preceded in death by his parents, an older brother, Warren Jacob “Jake” Skvaril (Lt. Col. USMC Ret.) and two young siblings. He leaves three daughters: Jacqueline Skvaril, M.D. (Logan Faust, M.D.); Julia Skvaril (Steven Colicci); Jeanice Skvaril (Jason Fuchs); grandchildren Cole, Sara, and Lauren Faust; Jack and Ciara Colicci; Caden, Sabine, and Jude Fuchs; nephew and niece Jeff and Toni Skvaril. A private family service and burial in Lake Andes is planned.

Published in Marin Independent Journal on May 19, 2018

This obituary is not only tardy they did not get their facts straight. He was John Paul Skvaril, not Paul J, Skvaril. I absolutely know he was not bon in Lake Andes, he was born in Yankton as I noted in my ‘obituary” I am sure that only one sibling died (not two). There might have been a service but would one not announce it in the obituary? And why in Lake Andes, where he is apparently buried since all of the survivors live in the San Francisco Bay area. His ashes are apparently in Lake Andes but he wanted to be buried whole, I do remember that as well. There was a divorce, not reported amongst Paul’s children. And my goodness gracious me – I am surviving – the second wife did not get mentioned. The first wife survives as well, as far as I know.

So how does the May 19th obituary stack up according to the criteria expressed in the blogs of May 15, 2018 and May 16,2018. Well, it simply does not. If there were a competition amongst four obituaries they would be ranked as follows:

1 The obituary of Jessie Elaine Dryburgh written by Alexis McBride

2 Th ‘obituary’ of Paul Skvaril written in the blog of April 22, 2018

3 Uncle Dave’s obituary of Wes Champ written in August 1943

4 My musings on the April 13, 2018 blog were quite eloquent.

5 This one appearing in the Marin Independent Journal on May 19, 2018.

Why did that family not just acknowledge my writing and donate to Tea and Trumpets? It makes no sense at all. They wait for about a month and then manage to have it printed with its inaccuracies. One of my very favorite quotations was penned by Sir Walter Scott. “What a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive. “ Sir Walter Scott is buried in Dryburgh Abbey near Melrose, Scotland. My birth name is Dryburgh,

The attached is a photograph of The Guy. Now that is obviously a joke – it is a Scottish cow. The picture was taken on the trip that cousin Gail and I made in 2015 – we visited Dryburgh Abbey. I had been there before on a trip with John Paul Skvaril. We did travel well together. I did all of the planning.

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