A Long Distance Romance; Comments by Many Hopefully a Happy Ending

I must confess that I am in the midst of a long distance romance. In the past long distance romances were extremely painful but this one is not at all – rather delightful and very playful. The sting is taken away because concrete plans are being made to be with one another. We communicate extensively, texting, emailing and talking on the phone. The other ‘romances’ pale by comparison. A terribly attractive picture of him graces my screen saver and my phone. I am acting like an adolescent and it is quite fun. My Equinox people are rather shocked. Boss Lady cannot imagine the power of the man as I was having a hard time talking,

She: I cannot imagine – a man turning Alexis speechless

Me: Yeah. It is embarrassing.

Other conversations peppered the day.

Me: You can meet him when he comes to Vancouver but you have to promise not to beat him up.

Irish Cream; I cannot make that promise. If he is going to take you away we WILL beat him up.

Me: (to guy) I fear for your safety, you cannot come to this gym

He: I’m sure I’ll be fine. Those guys have their work cut out for them Because I happen to be a kick boxer.

They: That means nothing to us. There are trainers that have championships in kick boxing.

But then one trainer whose nickname is Pinky Promise said:

He: As long as he is nice to you that is all we care about.

Me: Awwwwwww! How sweet. And he is, he treats me better than anyone has my whole life.

I keep threatening to go find a travel agent and come to Turkey.. THE GUY urged patience promising it would not be long, so very tenderly.

But the Equinox Lads also appear on Instagram. Beach (not his real name) posted a picture of his dog and announced that it was the dog’s birthday.

Me: Please?!?! Yesterday was my birthday and where were you?

He: Hiding

Me: Coward and you a personal trainer?!?! Did you hear that I am in love? Eat your heart out

He: In love with me?

Me: You MUST be joking Hahahahaha

He: Women fall in love with me daily

Me: Then they are idiots!

He:(A very sad Emoji)

Me: I am so sorry to be forced to speak the truth.

But then another Instagram conversation went on. THE GUY was sent a picture of a former family member. He sensitively said:

He: I am glad you are connecting to your family and friends. It will be even better for us because we will have them at our big day.

Well I just about fainted but sent it TBO (nickname) telling her she would faint.

She: Aw that’s cute

Me: And darn you are too old to be a flower girl and what will I wear? Hahahaha What a mess. And four husbands???? That is at least two too many. I am getting like Elizabeth Taylor. I promise to stop now. He is in huge contract negotiations with Dubai. How can all of this be happening?

She: So exciting You only live once have as many husbands as you want!!

Me: I so love you! You can be the flower girl if you crawl on your knees. You and his nine year old daughter. Break to your sister gently,

In the meantime all of this was going on.

Me: Where the hell is Dubai? You are geographically challenging me, I hope they have air conditioning there.

He: Lol They do my darling

Me: Phew

Then he said something so incredibly romantic and you do not get to share it. So there! So there! So there? .

So where and when the nuptials?The date is not set but it will probably be in Belgium.

So what is going on in your boring lives?

The picture on the blog is of the wonderful staff of WestJet. I almost missed my flight home yesterday but they floored it and I got on. Then I sat back, had champagne and food, did a video and then got home on my birthday. This is going to be an eventful year.

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  1. Alexis, I am concerned. This sounds suspicious and very close to several online romances a friend of mine had a few years ago. Where did you find (or did he find you) this new man?

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