My Actual Birthday; Lots of Wishes; West Jet is Wonderful But Management Threatened Lock Out; Ending With Statistics

My birthday turned into something far different than what I had anticipated. I have early morning awakening back again which is a real drag but I awoke to a wonderful present. Chris sent me my statistics accompanied by the sweetest note. “Happy birthday Alexis! I hope you have a lovely day planned deserve it. What a pleasure it is to get to follow you on your journey, along with another 23000 people a year! Xx”

Then it was down to breakfast in the Harvest Room of the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald surrounded by poor individuals that were working and having a ‘power breakfast’. Whereas I was madly texting some guy in Turkey. He was explaining to me, in some graphic detail what he wanted to give me for my birthday. It was all rather delicious. Then it was off to the airport. The WestJet people were so unbelievably sweet to me, upgrading me which resulted in champagne. It was a very fast flight back to Vancouver – the WestJet staff are all so friendly and wonderful and efficient. I thanked the pilots for not going on strike and learned a shocking fact. The company, rather than negotiating fairly threatened the pilots with a lock out. And somehow this has not been reported in the medial That is down right shameful = the threatened lock out AND the failure of the media to cover this event. I met some wonderful people at the wine bar at the airport and one man bought me wine for my birthday. He and his wife were from the north. I am not veery good with understanding anything north of Edmontn. It has to be remembered that I lived in California for most of my life and so being a little hazy on geography can be expected.

A rescheduling of my hair appointment took place but then some yummy food at Dunn’s and then home to a Turkey telephone call and early to bed.

So in general things are not turning out as planned, but it is all OK. Email birthday wishes from many rather unexpected sources. Many people including husband #1, cousin Faye and cousin Gail. Friend Lynne sent a few choice words.

She: Dance onto 80. Happy Birthday.

Me: :Thank you my friend. It is going to be a very eventful year.

I had a wonderful lunch with friend Bruce during my stay in Edmonton. He got the details of some momentous changes that will be taking place. I was so relieved to basically get his blessing. He knows me so well, met two out of three husbands and guided me through the Joo Kim and Steve eras. This man is a much better choice Bruce and I decided. It is a difficult situation but we will proceed slowly and carefully.

The reason why I went to Edmonton was the Alumni Memorial service. It was an intensely moving experience – very healing. I will write about its beauty at a later time. It was interesting that no members of the ‘adopted’ family were there. It would have been helpful to them. The pushy broad that I am I managed to sit in the front row and that was possible because I was alone. Being alone has its definite advantages and will be difficult to give up. .

I must get moving. Sir Richard of Hot will be amazed at my news. Shocked actually. I hope he is wearing brown trousers. Hahahaha

With any sort of luck you shall see the statistics. Please do not faint.

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