A Magical Evening Bringing Fame for My Laughter; Thoughts on Face Painting; and Other Matters

It was a magical evening, absolutely magical.

When: May 31,2018

Time: 8pm or 20 hours if you are a Brit

Place: Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia.

I wore my fantastic coat purchased in London, that coat is a looker. Navy blue and lfrom the front quite conservative but then the back is a surprise, colorful with stripes of many colors. It is sort of like me – I can look quite conservative but brother – am I colorful (at times), It seemed like a miracle – there I was in the very first row in that beautiful theatre.. Did I EVER feel special, I don’t know how I got there – bought the ticket I guess. Hahahaha I the prime ticket was purchased as a birthday treat as it was on May 29). So the the evening began with the high excitement of scoring a front tow seat but the evening got increasingly better.

The night was Bravo Bramwell celebrating Bramwell Tovey’s eighteen year tenure with the Vancouver Symphony and what a celebration it was! Musicians and vocalists gathered from all across Canada to honor this man, and, of course, to play their instruments and sing their arias. The tone was celebratory both on the stage and in the audience. There were comic works and some serious pieces which had me heaving in silent sobs. But I, Alexis McBride, born in Saskatchewan, had my moment of glory, I laughed uproariously and appropriately using my

‘loudest laugh in London, England and Vancouver, British Columbia from my front row seat. At one point the Maestro stopped, looked over at me with a smile on his face and said:

Maestro: Can you come to every concert with that laugh.

Me: I will follow you to the end of the earth!

Now some things you might think are not true, but I always tell the truth, except sometimes I exaggerate a little bit.

I am going to the Vancouver Symphony Canada Day celebrations in Whistler over the long weekend staying in the Fairmont and being blessed with scores of music. It will be difficult to top the 2017 celebrations when I went to Canada Place with my face painted like the Canadian flag and 82 people had their picture taken with me and scores hugged me and said “Welcome home.” I had returned to this country after fifty years. Quite honestly I do not feel as ebullient at this moment seeing many of the cracks and faults existing in civic, provincial and federal governments coupled with smug satisfaction on the part of the populace. But I am happy in my cocoon in Yaletown with my nearby VSO, VAG, VPL and the Equinox. I have my favorite places and people nearby. I have come to the conclusion that Belgium is not feasible and besides I would never paint my face like the Belgian flag. Really those ugly stripes would not suit my facial structure and I am not fond of the colors.

I have more to say about VSO and Maestro Bramwell Tovey but it will have to wait. It is off to the gym, Sir Richard of Hot and then to meet new friend Tracey in Burnaby. I am venturing out. It is a really big day and it is not raining. Phew.

The photograph attached is the program from Bravo Bramwell.

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