Looking Into the Peaking of Visits; An Epidemic of Loneliness: A Fitness Contest and a Busy Week

The April 27, 20i8 blog contained statistics and there was also a graph, a helpful visual aid. It demonstrated a huge spike of visits on March 30 and 31. I finally did some investigation. Ms. Procrastination dug in there and found the topic of widespread interest. What was the topic? It was the wedding – the fictionalized wedding of Kim Me Poo and Alicia McTwit. Visits soared – a phenomena almost equal to Prince Harry and “Whatever Her Name Is”. But, in case, you have not noticed, there has been a cessation of wedding plans on the blog, for many complicated reasons, one of which being it was not so funny any more. The last mention was a Save the Date window display pictured during my visit in California. Admittedly, not everything is in place, particularly the Edmonton venue. My ‘Edmonton family’ did assist and a spot was chosen: the MacDonald Hotel.

This choice led to an hilarious email conversation with Husband #1. I remembered attending an extremely posh dinner at the Mac with Royalty. He (#1) has a fantastic memory and he was true to form. It was Princess Alexandra and the Ogilvy guy – #! even supplied the entire guest list and that dinner took place in 1967. So it was strange and rather enlightening to be conversing with him over this and other matters. He was a little confused about my interest in the Mac and remained unclear and it is no bloody wonder. It is, after all, more than a little strange. So Carol is going to sing and it is going to be at the Mac and the Meunier family gets in free, tickets will be $100,000 (wit proceeds going to charity) – but that is about it. It is highly doubtful that even the potential spiking of visits is going to tempt me back into Imagination Land.

Yesterday was an unbelievable day with Instagram videos of the makeover by the Orgasm Company and its aftermath. Aftermath? at one point I started to itch and was afraid I was allergic to the make up. Talked to the pharmacist about antihistamines but there was a danger they would make me fall asleep during symphony. But everything turned out OK. PHEW. An incredible symphonic performance as usual but more about that later.

Today i am being held a prisoner waiting for the air conditioner installer to appear but when he comes and I can have cold comfort it will be well worth the wait. At this moment this blog is taking precedence over the book, which is bad.

But now a switch to serious. A new study reports that loneliness is growing in leaps and bounds, particularly among the young. “Loneliness isn’t just a fleeting feeling, leaving us sad for a few hours to a few days. Research in recent years suggests that for many people, loneliness is more like a chronic ache, affecting their daily lives and sense of well-being.”

The study used one of the best-known tools for measuring loneliness — the UCLA Loneliness Scale – surveying 20,000 adults online across the USA There was the startling conclusion: that something like 50% of the people reported that they were lonely. More than half of survey respondents — 54 percent — said they always or sometimes feel that no one knows them well. Fifty-six percent reported they sometimes or always felt like the people around them “are not necessarily with them.” And 2 in 5 felt like “they lack companionship,” that their “relationships aren’t meaningful” and that they “are isolated from others.”. “Our survey found that actually the younger generation was lonelier than the older generations,” says Dr. Douglas Nemecek, the chief medical officer for behavioral health at Cigna.

“Too often people think that this [problem] is specific to older adults,” says Holt-Lunstad. “This report helps with the recognition that this can affect those at younger ages.”This was echoed in research by psychologist Jean Twenge at San Diego State University who found that more screen time and social media did cause a rise in depression and suicide among American adolescents. The study also found that people who spend less time looking at screens and more time having face-to-face social interactions are less likely to be depressive or suicidal.

So I guess you guys better stop reading this blog and go out there and party. But if you are clever, (like I am), it is possible to discern a flawed design causing a sampling error. The adults were surveyed ONLINE so people sitting at home at their computer were the subjects. All the other guys are out and about socializing and having a good old time. This world is not in a good place if it is up to Alexis McBride to find sampling errors.

However, using the data and looking back on my rather long life I came to the conclusion that my loneliest moments, days, years, were when I was married. I do very well being alone except perhaps during the early days in London but those 2014-2105 days made me so incredibly resilient. It was worth it – all alone with no one who cared enough to be with me when I almost died from being hit with the motorcycle, but It ended up making me tougher.

Not only the birds were there to awaken me there was also an email from from Equinox with the subject line: Personal Training Contest. It informed that if I do something (not fully explained) there is a possibility of winning 1) a pilates class 2) 2 PT sessions and $50.00.

I immediately responded asking for clarification and telling G.P. that IF i won the $50.00 I would spend it on donuts.

She: Haha – I’m not sure that Hottie will agree with that for what you spend the money on, but you can try.

Me: Hmmm. I think an unfair competition on many levels but I will check in with Hottie tomorrow. I will not tell him about the donuts. hahahahahaha

She: Good plan – our secret.

This next week is going to be a busy one with the Equinox, lectures at VAG, manicure and pedicure with my Amy and then Legacy Lunch at the Symphony. I am leaving a legacy to the Symphony which predated any donations requested in Paul’s name. The Legacy Lunch is an annual lunch promising wonderful music, food and people. I do feel privileged, blessed and not at all lonely, But what shall I wear?

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