Vitamin D; A Death; Uncanny Resemblance; the Grace of Equinox; Dominican University and More 

One of the funniest things that happened during my stay in Marin was to receive the results of my blood work. My doctor informed me that I needed more Vitamin D. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I live in Vancouver where the sun basically never shines.- no bloody wonder I need Vitamin D. Apparently I also need B12 – so I guess I bet get on with the B12. I find other people’s habits rather amusing – studies have shown for years that multivitamins are useless but they daily swallow them. I have tests, learn what I need and take it. Others listen to commercials piped into Shopper’s Drug Mart. I can be so judgmental.
But my doctor gave me more news that first visit. It was totally discombobulating. He told me that Husband Number 3 died two weeks ago. I was married to the man for eighteen years and had, what anyone would say, was a close relationship with his children and their families. The divorce took place about eight years ago but my relationship with the family continued in full force until I left for London in August 0f 2014. They did not see fit to inform me of his passing which was expected and welcomed by all (except perhaps him). But the disconnect increased – apparently no funeral and not even an obituary. It was like he did not exist, that is very eerie. Now he definitely was not a good man, nor a nice man, nor a considerate man, nor a loving man. But he was a man and he did exist. I took it all in and decided that I was going to spend the day alone and in bed, and I did. I mourned him. I no longer loved him, and do wonder if I ever did. But he was my husband of eighteen years and we did have good times together. He was a destructive force, there is no denying that, but he did exist. I am considering writing an obituary – I shall consult with my doctor on Monday and make a decision. I hope to rise to the occasion. 
It is interesting and extremely paradoxical that the reason I could retreat from the world that day was that a man was coming over for drinks and he would serve as an antidote which is defined as: something that counteracts or neutralizes an unpleasant feeling or situation: laughter is a good antidote to stress. So Young Man came over, bearing ice cubes and we drank and laughed and laughed and laughed. I asked his permission to mention him in my blog and he gave it: “Yes I am fine with blogging about me under a pseudonym. Honored to get a mention.” Young Man and I met under very unusual circumstances – his intervention and outreach resulted in a renewed relationship which gives meaning to my life. She does not particularly want this story told – so I shall not. Well, not blogged about anyway. 
But an amazing thing happened. Young Man showed my pictures of his two young daughters. I gasped when I saw the youngest – we bear an uncanny resemblance to one another.  Uncanny! So due to the wonders of the blog you (and he) can see what I mean. Cousin Gail gave me two pictures found in her collection, one of me as a baby and one other. That picture is on the March 18, 2018 blog (or type Ringlets into the search engine). I sent Young Man the link and he wrote back: 
He: That picture is adorable and wow, you did look like my daughter. Or maybe it is the other way around. Either way. Wow!
Me: i am so glad that you recognized the resemblance. I did sort of think I was a bit crazy when I looked at her picture and said “is that me!” My cousin found the picture at her home in Vancouver – I told her about it this morning and laughingly told her that the damn blog does come in handy – as there I am out in cyberspace for all to see. I promise that I will NOT post nude pictures.
Young Man left for a bored meeting but helped me turn on the television and so I watched a fascinating Masterpiece Theatre presentation about Jolly Old England. I got to hear some English accents which did make me realize how much I miss Sir Richard of Hot and his charming accent. I had a rather unusual encounter with a man with an English accent at a bar in the Northgate Shopping Center but it was not as delightful as the times I spend with Sir Richard. 
Speaking of Sir Richard, I went on Instagram and saw a picture of the entire staff of the Equinox Gym in Vancouver assembled to give honor to the horrible tragedy in Humbolt, Saskatchewan where their treasured hockey team was annihilated in a traffic accident. I sent a message through Instagram telling them how proud I was of them and that I would be home soon to cheer them up. A distant relative and her family posed in jerseys also honoring the poor young men. I do wonder what my incredible Uncle Dave would have written about this tragedy – his heart would have been broken. I guess it was good he was spared – he died in 1948. He was a sports writer writing for the Regina Leader Post
This, I do realize, is a serious blog. I guess I will attach a funny video of me and three students from Dominican University. One I posted on Instagram. It has to do with sports as well, in this case soccer.  




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