An Ode to Hottie Accompanied by a Video of the Star System; Reflections Upon Being the General of Sass  

Today i think I might post twice which is a first – perhaps second. I recall may have happened once before when there was something profound to announce. This time it is being done as there are two different, distinct topics. This is one and the other will be reflections on art describing three visits to the Vancouver Art Gallery. 
The night before last I had the most incredible sleep – more than eight hours and filled with dreams. It helped me sort and put in perspective the chaos that has marked the last ten months of my life. An Instagram from Director of Fools said it so well: “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.” Robin Sharma was apparently the original author. 
My life has drastically changed and what I have at this moment is working for me – on all kinds of levels. 
I owe a lot of this new found contentment to one man: Hottie, my personal trainer. The interesting thing is – he does not read my blogs and will therefore not see this. But I told him in person and that counts. This is, more or less, the conversation that went on between the two of us yesterday. 
Me: I am in a really serious mood today. Which is worse for you serious or sad? 
He: I don’t know. They are both pretty bad! 
Me: Well I had this great sleep with lots of dreams and I sorted. A big conclusion that was reached: Where would I be without Hottie? 
He: In a bad way or a good way? 
Me: In a good way of course. You were instrumental in helping me find my great apartment and get out of the Toxic Trump. 
He: Yes, that worked out very well. Your apartment is perfect for you. 
Me: And you grounded me during those heady days – July through October. So your role in my life is to keep me sane. What’s my role in your life? 
He: Well, you keep me sane.
Me: Oh I get it! In any relationship one person has to be sane – and you say – it clearly can’t be her so I have to be the sane one. 
He: You got it! And it is so nice to have funny back instead of that serious stuff. 
Me; I know you would be relieved! 
With any sort of luck a video will be attached to this blog wherein I describe the Star System of Outdoor Training. Hottie went to San Francisco for a special training session and now he teaches new trainers. His first session was last Saturday. 
He: So it went really well! The person who did the evaluation said she had no negative comments whatsoever and that I handled verbal presentation of the scientific knowledge perfectly well. 
Me: That is fantastic. But didn’t she say anything about the funny way you talk? 
He: Alexis, you say you love my British accent! 
Me: Well I do.  I bet you didn’t see that one coming. 
He: I did not, that’s for sure. 
I am going to get a shirt made. It is going to say: I LIVE TO SASS. I remember a few months back someone said in an email: Explain to me the benefits of sass. Now that was very cute and quite darling. I did answer but I cannot recall what I said at the time. I think I was volunteering to be the General of Sass (and something else). I was not appointed to that rank. He should have awarded me the distinction as his life would be, if not easier, at least more interesting.

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