Being a Bossy Bitch But Good Things Emanating from Same: Two Absolutely Stunning Pictures at the Vancouver Art Gallery from the Herman Herzog Levy Collection

I opened my emails and found a promotional from the Equinox Gym announcing a promotional “bring a friend” day. It irritated me (or some reason. So i fired off an email to the boss lady – she is the boss, she is a lady – I am not being sexist.

Me: I hate these messages. They deny the fact that I do more than anyone in all of Vancouver to bring people to your gym and I get no credit. Alexis McBride

She: Alexis,We love you. I give you all the credit. With love and gratitude for your amazing presence and spirit,

Me: You are so incredibly gracious to say that! I just woke up and started to read my emails. What a wondrous way to start the day. I just may have to blog it. Hahahahahaha I just may have to scare up a friend to bring to the celebration. Maybe a homeless person! Hahahahaha Alexis

She: For you, Alexis, unlimited guests for the Vernal. You know just the kind of people to bring and your friends are our friends. Best

So Immediately I became task oriented and forwarded the invitational message to CCC. Now to all of you new readers – CCC works right next door and he definitely needs the gym. I am ‘seeing’ him again since I got over my snit that lasted for about five months.

Me: You need this buddy! I am going to bring you – you cannot say that it is too far to travel to get there or any other such lousy excuse! Later, Alexis

He verbally and laughingly declined saying that he and gyms do not mix. I am trying, my dear gym, I am trying to turn this into a grand event. I have a few more days to make new friends. When I was lunching with cousin Gale over last weekend we were discussing our plans for the future. She said I could go anywhere because:

She: You have no trouble making friends.

Me: There is truth in that.

But it doesn’t mean that people are my friends forever because, as discussed in a prior blog, Everyone needs face to face contact and man can not live by email alone. So I guess I have to go, troll the streets for somebody that is handy or I guess I could ask Z, The other day at VAG I also spoke with A, a Philippine retired man who works part time at the gallery. We were having a jolly time talking about people who are convinced that the art on the walls of the gallery is not authentic but a copy.

Me: I know I cannot believe it! Monet’s incredible picture of Waterloos Bridge. A woman with her young daughter was steadfastly stating that it had to be a copy.

He: Yes, I often hear things like that. This is an Art Gallery – do not people realize that?

Me: Well, I do and the stuff on the walls except for the gift shop is real. So there! So there! So there!

So there I was at VAG and I rather accidentally happened upon a visiting collection of works collected by Herman Herzog Levy. In one room there are two paintings that I longingly have begun to gaze upon on an almost daily basis. One is the Monet of the Waterloo Bridge. Another is a tiny gem – oil on wood with the most vivid colors by an artist unknown to me. So do you realize how lucky I am? The VAG is not the Tate Britain but it is only four blocks from my apartment and the Levy exhibit is here until May. I remember being in Copenhagen (I think) – there was an art gallery nearby that was free and every morning I would go and look at Impressionist Art. Little did I know that years later I could do that very same thing in the land of my brith – my new home. I feel blessed.

I include photos of the objects of my affection. When the Levy collection leaves I will have my Emily Carr, as she is a part of the permanent collection. I have something more to look forward to. I am reading about her – she is my role model. A woman who did not have children but inspired others. I have a book on my iPad written by a woman who was inspired by art and Emily’s presence in her life. It is so hard to write AND read. There are only so many hours in a day – even if I am retired. It is that gym, it is getting in the way. But what would I do without my Equinox? Turn into a limping, miserable 75 year old. No thank you. And no Hottie? I guess not!

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