An E Day; The Famous Alexis McBride; Back at the Trump: Hottie Steals My Glasses; and a Fellow Blogger  

Yesterday was definitely an E day – Exuberant, Enthusiastic, Ebullient, Ecstatic, Exquisite (but not Erotic, one cannot have everything ,particularly at my age). This is, honest to goodness, how it began. I got in the elevator in order to reach ground level so that I could walk to the Equinox. The elevator stopped at the eleventh floor and a rather handsome young man got on, looked at me and said:
He: It’s the Famous Alexis McBride 
Me: Well, yes it is. I am so flattered that you recognized me! Can i give you a hug?
He: Yes, of course. 
Me: Do you want a blog card?
He: Yes, of course. 
Me: What is your name? 
He: Graham 
Me: Like in Alexander Graham Bell 
He: Yes 
Well, it was blown away. I walked quickly to the Equinox and there was Hottie waiting for me and I told him the story. 
Me: Was not that amazing? I mean it can’t be the blog that makes me famous because he didn’t have a blog card. 
Hottie: It probably is because you go around to EVERYBODY and say: “I’m Alexis McBride and I am famous!” 
Me: Oh, I guess that could be it! 
Hottie does bring me down to earth, rather with a thud. So as it was a nice day in sunny Vancouver we trained outside. My glasses got all steamed up (because of the exercise) and so Hottie put them in his pocket. On the way back, I abandoned the resolve I had built up since October 19,2017 and went to the Trump International Hotel (the Lower Lobby only). i had refused to darken the door of the place – so I did miss the people BUT don’t mess with me (and they did). In all fairness to Hottie he had said in the past: 
Hottie: Alexis, you are taking this a bit too far. Most of the people there are just workers. 
Me: I don’t care! 
I can be very stubborn I do admit to that trait – that is why I am HITS (Humorous, Intelligent, Talented, Stubborn). It used to start with S for Sexy but I have abandoned that part. Well I just had the greatest time joking and laughing with CCC, Big Zed and PPP. I waved at the security cameras to everyone’s laughter. (Honest to goodness people were under orders to call Security if I did so much as sneeze and then Security  would file a report on me and I would get into trouble, That was when i lived at the Trump and then even once after. But I let bygones be bygones (whatever that might mean) and we buddies  just laughed remembering the good old times. The time I wet myself laughing, the time I came down in the elevator without my teeth and other unmentionables. 
PPP: I have so missed your laugh! Give me a hug. `
Me: OK 
PPP: Oh my goodness, what a hug1 You are getting SO strong from training with Hottie.
Me: I know! You better watch out or I will break your rib. (inside joke)
But the very sweetest and most touching part was when a man walked up with his son. I looked over and said to the little boy: 
Me: My goodness how you have grown.
The Dad: That’s Auntie Alexis 
The little boy did not remember me as it has been many months. But it was so sweet and it did remind me of earlier precious moments being called Auntie Alexis. 
Then I went off to argue and fight with Virgin Mobile but the woman was SO helpful and got me a credit. Then to Vancouver Art Gallery to meet with Z who works at VAG. I loaned her a copy my Tate book which she will put in the VAG library. What an honour! We are planning to meet later. She is from Bangladesh but lives in New Westminster with her husband and daughter. 
Then i had an appointment at the Vancouver Symphony with Mary, the legacy person. We have such good laughs in our conversations with one another. I bought tickets for concerts over the next weeks and am absolutely thrilled and astounded with next season’s symphony program. I might volunteer to help with special events. The Orpheum is only two blocks from my apartment. I was starving and went to Dunn’s (since 1927) and had the hot turkey sandwich. 
A young waiter said: Hi Alexis! 
Me: How sweet you remember my name 
He: I follow you all the time on Instagram
Me: Oh my goodness. I am so flattered. 
Another worker said: “Welcome, back. We have missed you!” 
Me: Thank you so much, It makes me feel so good! 
So I went home but fired a text off to Hottie, because he did not give me back my glasses after our training session.
Me: You stole my glasses!
He: Oh, s**t! Do you need them? 
Me: Hon! I have 11 pair!
He: I thought as much. Hahahahaha 
So, see what I mean? What an E Day (except for Erotic). I was having the greatest time talking to people at Dunn’s – a group of engineering students visiting from Seattle. An older couple sat absorbed with one another and a slight degree of eavesdropping revealed that they were trying to work things out in their relationship. It made me SO happy not to be in a relationship with some guy –  it takes up so much time and energy. I would have no time to be famous, go to the art gallery and the symphony, train with Hottie and hang out with my buddies from the Trump. 
The video is from two or three days ago. I met a fellow blogger at My Sister’s Closet. It was fascinating to talk with her. We had similar tales to tell. I must go and read her blog. ( )
Onward with the day! 

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