The Strain of Wedding Planning; Fact and Fiction; Dolphin Square in Decline; Fear Strikes in the Heart of the Manager; Ending with the Cessation of Bird Songs

So the planning of the wedding mentioned in the March 10, 2018 blog is getting extremely complicated – as weddings tend to do. But in many ways it is turning into a sweeter, prettier event. Less Pomp and Circumstance, even though it is going to be grand. I am happy to announce that there will be a flower girl and a ring bearer, actually children of an employee of the groom (the bride is retired). It will be charming, sweet, a nice touch. The little girl is darling, very exuberant and has shown affection to Alicia McTwit in the past – in fact they took to one another. They met over breakfast at the Rump, the little girl fed Alicia McTwit some of her pancake and later hugged her on the steps of the Rump. At the moment the flower girl does not have a name but an appropriate one will be found.

The little boy, her brother, is rather shy. But occasionally an event can allow a shy person to overcome their fears once and forever. Ms. McTwit conversed with the boy’s father about the awesomeness of his son’s responsibilities.

She: The only problem that I see is that the rings are going to be heavy – what with all the gems that money can buy.

He: Yes, that could be a problem.

She: Well, your son could sit in the third aisle and not have to carry the burden the whole way.

He: That would lessen his burden.

She: He might have to go to the gym and get trained. Perhaps the Twice A Day Gym would allow a brief membership for this purpose.

He: That might be possible, but you should ask them as you have more pull.

She: Hahaha. That is funny, more push and pull as I am a regular and really quite well loved.

So poor Ms. McTwit – her responsibilities grow. She thinks the flower girl should be dressed like an little angel and even have a halo. She should scatter rose petals probably – pale yellow as they would match the gold of the cape. The ring bearer should be dressed as a Page.

Then the music must be augmented. You are So Beautiful to Me would be a real tear jerker, because of the bride’s advanced years. The bride is not really beautiful, cute maybe but not beautiful, although she will be looking pretty good with the make up by Tamara. Then You Light Up My Life will also be a tear jerker because of course she did. We all know that money does not buy happiness, not even billions.

But there are problems in paradise. I, Alexis McBride, do have a terrible time when I try to mix fact and fiction, because fact always wins out. This is fact. Dolphin Square, London, UK will not be a good venue for the wedding. That is because Dolphin Square is going to be undergoing a vast development project. It will be a nightmare with at least two huge cranes in the courtyard. Parts of vast brick buildings will be demolished. It will be hell to live there and the cranes will make the seating plan very difficult. Fact can be stranger than fiction. The fact is I, Alexis McBride, began this blog to get even with Dolphin Square. The Jurisprudence System there ia totally ineffective – therefore this blog formed a campaign. New readers should type Dolphin Square into the search engine and they shall see. But this is eerie! I did heed Uncle Dave’s advice – I did quit fighting, went to the sidelines and watched and even big old Dolphin Square is doing itself in. The self satisfied, smug, superior-for-no-good-reason long term residents’ lives will be living hell and there is some indication that they will loose their coveted status and goodness knows, the judicial system in so-called Great Britain will do nothing to provide them with remedies. If you do not believe me Google Dolphin Square and you will see the development plan which adds a whole new layer. The exceedingly rich (probably Russian) folks will have fantastic views in their new digs but it will uglify the rather beautiful brick buildings that exist. I am SO happy I am gone from that place – if I believed in God I would say he was looking down and taking care of me. Not even Vancouver will be ripping down the condominium where I live in the near future. It was built in 2001 and has the best construction standards, according to its residents. I do believe them as it is sound proof. Thank goodness for that – with my laugh and all. PHEW!!!

Here is an amusing update. As reported in the blog of February 11, 2018. I was accused of slandering the manager. I merely spoke the truth. But, I just backed off, did as Uncle Dave instructed, becoming quiet as a little mouse. I was going down in the elevator the other day, it stopped at the third floor and the manager tried to e enter – but she saw my occupancy and backed off in fear. Now I have been so super nice and polite and well mannered – so she was not frightened of my behavior. I told the wonderful relator the story when he was here putting the battery in the fire alarm. He just laughed and laughed and laughed. So I guess one could say that I was killing her/them with kindness. Now killing with kindness is not a crime. Do not forget that I am a lawyer and know some things. Other residents in this building smile when they see me. I have noticed that they do not smile when they see the manager. I just hope that the STRADA does not make fame a violation of the CC&Rs, then I will be in trouble. Hahaha

The photograph is of Dolphin Square, of old in its pre development days. Actually the view from my flat from which with the window open I could hear birds singing day and night. I guess the birds are silenced and have flown away with the construction and all. Me too, come to think of it. Well flown away – goodness knows not silenced. So there! So there! So there!

But back to the wedding! Venue, we need a venue for this fictional wedding. Perhaps a mountain top at Whistler? But how will the guests get there? A lift? Perhaps Ms. McTwit should hire a wedding planner? Somebody who has some time after the Harry thing is over?

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