A Formal Announcement But Little Else Because I am Too Lazy to Blog Today; but a Video taken on Granville Street on February 2, 2018

The February 9, 2018 blog discussed that I had a new nickname to a nearby guy and I called myself the SHITS. He loved it, absolutely loved it. But this began as a difficult day and I wrote him that  I was not feeling at all the SHITS. He wrote back saying he was not feeling so great either and asked me about the gym, so I told him about the Instagram with Hottie.
Me:  The Instagram showing Hottie training me outside has been immensely popular – over 90 fucking views (I just checked). Boggles my mind! I never shut my mouth the whole time?!? It cracks me up. So I am slowly getting SHITS back – I mean now I have Humour. But not Sexy – I think from now on I will have to be HITS – that sex stuff is not all that it is cracked up to be. ahahahahahah The HITS
He:  lol THE HITS! omg thats also good. You’ve been training outside?! I need to see this video. 90 views! oh wow. you are popular – dont shut your mouth! get more views! 
Me: What in the world am I going to do with the views???? Me going up and down stairs with weights 308 views. Me talking about training 270 views. First up and down stairs in October 366 views. I KNEW you would love HITS.
i am going to continue the observations made on the February 17, 2018 blog about art. The February 4, 2018 blog discussed a volunteer opportunity I assumed for the Vancouver Art Gallery. I stood on Granville Street with an umbrella and a pink beanie. But this is something never before mentioned. At some point in the evening there or four young men came up next to me and set up a boom box and began to play music and dance. It attracted a large group of people that spilled all over the sidewalk. At that point in time, the artist, hereinafter called “The Birthday Boy” made his way from VAG to the Commodore. He was dressed in his birthday suit – sort of a terry cloth jump suit in a paisley pattern. It was a processional of sorts. But he could barely get by due to the huge crowd of people watching the dancers. It was very funny but you sort of had to be there. You almost are because attached is a video I took of the dancers. I always tell the truth. 
So the blog is short, the announcement is that I have given up sex, and you get a video. Such a bargain, particularly considering you do not pay any money to read this.

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