Doing What I Always Wanted to Do; the Joys of Colonoscopy Preparation; More Thoughts on Laugh Recognition

Ever since I moved to this fair city I have wanted to perform a certain act. I absolutely hate the sound of cars and motorcycles that have no mufflers. There is supposed to be a muffler ordinance but it is never enforced. I have a plan that would be easy enough to enact and could be revenue producing. If a guy wanted to make a noise by having no muffler then he could get a permit, make the permit very expensive and then the money from the permits could fund an enforcement programme. If you made a muffler noise and did not have a permit then a hefty fine would be imposed. The coffers of this city would grow without any corruption (for a change).

I did once take matters in my own hands and said to a motorcycle rider: “Too bad you cannot afford a muffler.” He was absolutely outraged – pounced off the bike, yelled and gave me the finger. I reported this incident on the blog. But I had not had the opportunity to make the same observation to a noisy muffler car driver. It happened yesterday. Terribly expensive cars are apparently programmed to make muffler noises. There was a light grey Mercedes (I think) at the stop light on Homer Street – the guy conveniently had his window open. As I crossed the street I waltzed over and said:

Me: Too bad you cannot afford a muffler for this car.

He: Speechless. First a look of profound shock but then he started to laugh. Honest to goodness he did.

Then there was a passerby on the street and we spoke.

Me: Did you hear what I said?

He: I did! Congratulations! Let me shake your hand!

Then I waved to the noisy muffler guy and he waved back. He was still laughing. I love accomplishing what I set out to do even though it will have no impact whatsoever.

Friend Lynne and I discussed the strange case of a man recognizing my laughter from being exposed to it months before while attending a play about love. (Blog of February 10th). I thought this was an unbelievable occurrence, she commented that Vancouver was a small city, which to me was demeaning the profundity of the recognition.

The discussion continued:

She: His aural memory is amazing, but you did say that you were told you had the biggest laugh in London (definitely a big city). Coincidences, as interests and paths coincide, happen constantly – why do you keep running into people who know JKT? Your Polar Opposite.

Me: How very smart of you – as usual. “Aural memory” – I have not heard that phrase before. And to also say that I had the biggest laugh in the enormous city of London. I do think that it was Palmer Valentine that told me that.Then I continued in another email.

Me: Again you are so funny. I just noticed Your Polar Opposite. Well, not entirely as we are both funny, (and smart)

I write this in the midst of colonoscopy preparation, one of the most dreadful experiences in the whole world. First there is no food for a day and a half. Then you take this horrible preparation and then live on the toilet for hours and it disturbs your sleep. I called to complain to cousin Gail because what is a family for anyway.

Me: I hate this! Have you ever had a colonoscopy?

She: I had three in four months.

Me: OMG – you win! How can I be complaining when I cannot even remember when I had the last one.

I had texted Drawer previously:

Me; Hi disappearing act! What a weird day it is today. I cannot eat because of colonoscopy tomorrow

He: Much excitement in your poo?

Me: Gosh darn you make me laugh! Can I blog this?

He: Of course.

Me: We have got to make plans to get together but I cannot even THINK about food at this moment.

So I have got to sign off and drink more water. I think there is a biblical saying: “Please let this cup pass from me.” How appropriate!

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