Extra, Extra, Read All About It; A Strange Day Training Outside with Hottie; Shopping at a Great Store; My New Hang Out” The Noodle Box 

Extra, Extra read all about it refers to the fact that I rewrote the About Me section of the blog and Chris posted it. “So there you go, as we say in Canada!” The section was out of date,  referred to a prior photograph and had me living in London. So go up to the menu and get caught up. Some portions remained the same – those that described the changes London wrought to my identity but it is mostly current material. It does admit to the fact that I have abandoned the Uncle Dave book. It does feel abandoned but perhaps it has just been put on the shelf. 
I sometimes am amazed at who reads my blogs; and who does not. It does not matter to me anymore as my numbers are huge. I suppose at one point there was a certain image I tried to paint and perhaps for certain people. But that is no longer true. I do it for myself. It is not an addiction that way it was before, it is now a way of life. A way that will be augmented through pod casts and other stories which will be contained under the Betrayal section. And then there is Instagram which is a whole different way of communicating. Hottie and I trained outside today and he took two videos that will be posted on Instagram. Me exercising but mostly talking. Poor Hottie. Four women were walking along in a convoy. 
Me: I am so glad I am me, and not you! You have each other but I have my personal trainer. They: Oh, that is nice.
Me: Well, it is and he is hot. I do have to pay him however. 
Hottie: You do not have to pay me for EVERYTHING 
Me: Well, almost everything. (hahahahahaha) 
I am sure those women were jealous but they would never admit it. 
Me: You know that was me before London. Me and the women friends, walking along trying to be nice and listen to their stories. 
Hottie: Well, you have come a long way. 
Me: You betcha! And by a most circuitous route not up the coast but across the “pond” and back. 
Hottie: I had a birthday over the weekend. 
Me: How old are you now? 
Hottie: 31
Me: You are catching up. Hahahahaha 
Then we walked a different way back and I found the most amazing store. It is a Japanese store called Miniso. I bought the neatest, most inexpensive things for my apartment. A sock organizer box, a tea pot, a towel for the bath room, a clock. I would have bought more but I needed a sherpa. I am settling in, I am home. 
I found a new place to hang out – I love it there. it is Noodle Box, on Homer only two blocks away.  I was walking by, after leaving the library and walking home. Two employees were on the sidewalk smoking.  We struck up a conversation, they said” “Come on in!” I did and am I ever glad I did. The place is huge, cavernous ceilings. So my loud laugh is almost muted and could never be deemed offensive and loud. The food is delicious with many choices. The place is well run, as I discussed with Taylor, the kitchen manager. The staff work well together, there is an ease and comfort level not apparent in so many other places – ones I no longer frequent. But here is the best part, as relayed in this conversation. 
Me: And the best part is that there is an employee with the greatest name. Guess what it is? 
Hottie: Alexis. 
Me:You are right! And guess where she is from? 
Hottie: San Francisco? Edmonton? Regina? Toronto? 
Me: No stupid! She is from England. 
Hottie: Really? 
Me: Yes, from Newcastle. And the train always went through Newcastle on all of those trips between London and Scotland. Trips for the book about my uncle. It seemed like fate and I really like her a lot and we have great chats. 
It is very important to feel like your life is coming together and it does feel that way these days. Some sorrows, some dislocations which are necessary probably to have a life that is coming together. 

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