Happy Birthday Blog; First Class; Illegible Jokes

A year ago today I began this blog – January 26, 2017 was the day. Chris Jackson, my beloved computer guru put it together and has posted for me since that time. The blog utterly changed my life and at this moment I enjoy a certain celebrity status. Three times last week the following conversation took place:

Me: Hello! I am Alexis

She: Are you THE Alexis

Me: That’s me, (said with a haughty shrug of the shoulders)

The ways the blog changed my life are incomprehensible and unbelievable! I have rubbed shoulders (that is about all) with the rich and famous, been feted and spoiled rotten. I am a role model for old people – mostly for my ability to climb up and down stairs both with, and without, weights. I have no idea who follows me, who reads me. Well that is not entirely true – some of my fans are friends and relatives and some communicate their concerns and comment upon my eccentricities. I do suppose the blog affects my personality, I am probably more outgoing, should that be possible. Its success has enhanced my self esteem and the following gives me a certain cache. It is possible to redress wrongs and use its presence as a threat. i do under dire circumstances. Something is working, I mostly get my way.

Wheee I will go with this remains a question. I am considering a book, reflecting on the entries from ta year long perspective providing back stories, never before revealed. Although I do have a penchant for truth telling – sometimes it is not the whole truth – some salacious details are missing. Slights are under reported and I have been manipulated and deceived. I have been too naive and trusting but have learned from thee mistakes. I believe that crime does not pay; that there is such a thing as karma and that bad people do themselves in. It might take time but it seems to happen. I am feeling better about myself and my life – a dear friend commented that she was glad to get the “old Alexis” back. It is good to be back! Aspects of London and the Trump were a bit too rich for my tastes -, in more than one way.

I write from San Francisco – I am here for medical appointments, to see friends and to renew an acquaintance. I do look forward to it all. It took forever for me to travel from Vancouver to San Francisco – I thought I would be stuck in Seattle for the rest of my life. But I did meet three wonderful women – laughed and shared so many stories and jokes. I did live in the present and was upgraded by an extremely kind Alaska Airlines employee. It was first class between Seattle and San Francisco, complete with tea and warm cookies.t.

Sone funny lines from yesterday. “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.” (We were talking about men.) An absolutely delightful older couple, Jim and Lorraine regaled my new friend and me with jokes at the Seattle Airport. I dutifully wrote them down but I was laughing so hard that my writing is illegible. Those are the breaks.

The picture that accompanies this blog is a selfie seated proudly at my first class seat. I got to San Francisco, my suitcase was there waiting for me but at another terminal. Out of utter frustration I began to weep, a wonderful man took pity on me and had two charming women transport it to me. I grabbed a cab, the hotel welcomed me and eventually all was well. In the words of Will: “All’s well that ends well.”

Chris promises to send statistics my way and so tomorrow’s blog will bring us up to date with what this year has wrought.

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