Happy Birthday to We Xx; Uncle Dave Abandonment; and CHASED

Chris, my computer guru and whiz kid sent an email with the subject line: Happy Birthday to We! Xx This is what it said:

I do admit that I about fainted – basically 111,000 visits and 27,011 visitors in a year. I simply cannot take it in . It utterly blows my mind. I cannot even count that high – definitely need a fresh supply of fingers and toes to make these numbers work. The numbers that are most astounding are the 2,120 visitors in the last thirty days. All those people climbing onto the Alexis McBride Blog train.

So some serious thinking is in order. I have decided to shelve the Uncle Dave biography, perhaps forever. This decision is based on several factors. The thread of the book really must be the story of my relationship to him and how it evolved. The idea of beginning with Canada Day 2017, then doing a flashback to my ‘discovery’ of him was brilliant. But the problem is that I made his acquaintance in London. I have to go back there in my mind, and relive those days. I have no desire to do that as those were painful times and I do not want to look back, to live in the past. I want to move forward. It will also involve ‘being with’ people who see the world in a ‘half empty’ frame of mind. By that I mean that there are two kinds of people – those that see a glass as ‘half full’ and those that see a glass as ‘half empty’. I want to be, and to be around people who see the world as ‘half full’. Then also, Uncle Dave was a very private man and the baring of his soul does seem to be a travesty. Perhaps there might be another way to write the story of his life, perhaps as fiction. He worked with an amazing woman called Gladys Arnold – who was caught in Occupied France during WWII. She wrote a book and went onto live a fascinating life, contributing a great deal to Canada. . Making up a story about two characters, Dave and Gladys, would be an interesting experiment. So what will I do now? What will occupy my days? Stay tuned as I have another rather brilliant idea (or two).

So I am here in San Francisco, staying in a hotel that I quite love. It is small and intimate, quiet and commodious It is great, relaxing and hanging out with some of my California friends. They are helping me sort. To say the very least my date selection is a bit flawed, and always has been. A dear friend suggested I have an affirmation, something to give me guidance so that when I meet someone I can apply the criteria and see if this guy fits the bill.

I sent her the following email.

Me: Here is what we have worked out. C (Charismatic) H (sense of humor) A (available) S (smart) E (Empathetic) D (Devoted) So CHASED (not bad) Do I have permission to blog this – I mean that it is your idea for an affirmation to help me in my date selection.

She: Sure, you can use it – can I be a dear friend or do you want to name me?

Me: Which ever you prefer.

She: Let’s keep them guessing – a good friend, then.

But I have slightly changed my mind. D (Depth). The devotion will come later, I drive a hard bargain.

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