The State of Being Sorted and Other New Dilemmas; Stairs With Weights on Instagram

High school and university friend Lynne sent the following email:

Lynne: Please advise what it feels like to be sorted!!!

Me: One finds the temporary answers to one’e persistent dilemmas but the answers are purely temporary and the dilemma pop up again. Being sorted is a transitory state and one that I am not, at this moment, enjoying. So there! Alexis

So sorted is an excellent word – it describes a process that takes place in the brain , often and most efficiently during sleep. One discards the irrelevant and unimportant and that allows one to focus on what is important. But for me it is a transitory state – probably because I let the irrelevant and immaterial people and things back in. So I did sort but then got unsorted. All one can do at that point is took at what distracted (yet again) and resolve to discard and refocus. That is where I am this morning. Lynne’s email was so helpful in awakening the thinking.

Things did not go well yesterday – things did not go well at all. To top matters off, now the printer is not working. I do hate technology, it makes me wish I had a handy husband. Now that is definitely faulty thinking as men (in my life anyway) just tend to get in the way and complicate matters. Well certain men promising certain kinds of relationships. I want a printer-fixing- man. I guess I have one around the corner – his name is Edward, he works at Staples and he set the thing up in the first place.

Something went right yesterday and Irish Cream posted my deed on Instagram (alexismctwit). The deed is walking up the stairs clutching weights. I do it quite well, I almost trip once on the way down but regain my composure quickly. The talking one, posted two days earlier is better, because I talk, of course. But I do it, the stairs with weights and it does show that I was not pulling your leg. I am sort of the pride of the Equinox – an old lady that tries. Rather like the children’s story, The Little Engine That Could. I recall it with affection. “I think I can! I think I can!I think I can!” and then dammit it does and gets to the top of the hill.

So far there are 74 hits on the stair climbing video, with 157 hits on the talking one. i am funny on the talking one. I say that I am the new demographic (with some help from Hottie). I reiterated what I asked for in a trainer. I wanted: !) Some guy that was hot that would motivate me to go to the gym in the first place. 2) Someone with knowledge that could help me with my arthritic knees and 3) Someone with a British accent. Hottie has all of that and more. So there! So there! So there!

No more blog of the day as I have to focus on other things. Go to the gym for one thing, go and see Vicky and get a haircut and blow dry, stop and talk to Edward about the printer, get packed because I leave tomorrow for the Excited States. People ask me why I decided to return to Canada rather than the USA upon the expiration of my student visa. I say:

Me: With no gun control, you might as well go live in a shooting gallery and I have studied the issue. There is never going to be gun control in that country.

They: Any other reason?

Me: Yes, and it starts with a T.

That makes the decision to live in a certain place on West Georgia Street for four months more than a little perplexing. But there good news. If I did not live there I would not have joined the Equinox gym, hired Hottie and can now walk up and down stairs with weights. Out of bad can come good. Phoenix rising from the ashes.

There is not photograph, I have got to get on with important things

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