Feeling 74 Although Being The Busiest Septuagenerian; the Planned Publication of a Classmate’s Biography; and Healing the Long Terms Effects of Having Water Thrown in One’s Face (May 19, 2017 Blog)

I woke this morning feeling every day of my 74 years. Minor physical symptoms but malaise, exhaustion, bad dream affect, and general discontent. I did what any self respecting 74 year old woman would do – I stayed in bed all day. Alone, needless to say. it seemed entirely justified because I am leaving for San Francisco soon and I needed to protect my health and welfare. i finally did a modicum of reaching out and emailed Ty.

Me: Oops we seem to be loosing touch and I am soon off for SF and then you shall be off.

Ty: Because u r the busiest septuagenarian I know!!😆

Me: You make me laugh! I am now the giggliest septuagenarian you know! I must blog this interchange. Nothing is safe with me.

I actually have not been that busy as yesterday and today were dedicated pajama days. A pajama day is a day where I stay in my pajamas all day and write. I celebrated one last week that got stymied as the hot water bottle leaked all over the pajamas and the bed. Yes gang, it was the hot water bottle, I am not incontinent.

Yesterday I functioned well on the writing front, dressed at the end of the day for a trip to the library and then had a well deserved glass of wine at Social Corner. But today was quite another matter and all that got done was sleeping. I did exchange emails with a fellow student and was that depressing! Ted wrote a biography of Edward VIII, it is finished, it is to be published in September in the US and the UK with a possible launch at Edward’s former ranch near Calgary. Whereas, poor old Uncle Dave is not finished, with no launch in sight, and ,if there was a launch it would be in Saskatchewan. I guess, as usual, I picked the wrong guy. I am actually very happy for Ted – he did a lot of work, was vey dedicated and did have a publisher prior to completion. Another classmate is penning a biography of a former Japanese diplomat, perhaps he will get published and the launch will be in Tokyo and then I can have an excuse to go to Tokyo. I barely need an excuse to go to Calgary, but I will tell you this! I am not going on Air Canada! (Please see my blog of December 21, 2017) By the way these two men were classmates in my Biography class, not the one ‘run’ by Julie Wheelwright. (There are many blogs about that program, just type her name in the search engine.)

It was 18:30 (UK time) when I finally got up, dressed and ate leftovers but good). Late Friday I went to get my nails done by wonderful Amy at Fingertips. On the way I stopped for lunch at Stefano’s, a Greek restaurant on Davies Street. Although I did not mention the restaurant name in the May 27, 2017 blog, it was the site of the water-in-the-face throwing by a Chinese man at an adjacent table. I have such an unpleasant memory and therefore it was difficult to go back. It was not the restaurant’s fault but it is an uncomfortable memory. But I girded my loins, walked in, was ignored by the manager for awhile, but was seated. Two men came, sat at an adjacent table, and were exchanged in a loud and boring conversation. They also did not know what they were talking about – they had the concept of fact and opinion confused. I said one or two things, (politely) but wisely decided to shut up. Instead, I politely asked if I could be moved and the waitress was most gracious. But they moved me to the table where I was sitting the night of water-in-the-face throwing. i gamely sat down but told the occupants of the ‘offending’ table of the events of my last visit. They were two of the nicest people and were very sympathetic. The woman was Chinese, born in Canada; the man was Chinese, born in Hong Kong. They both were very distressed at the bad manners of some people coming from Mainland China and there is considerable concern about this issue in the Chinese community. I said that I had heard that before but it was interesting that this was confirmed.

So it turned into a happy ending. I will go to Stefano’s again with a free and happy spirit as the service is attentive (except for the manager) and the food is delicious.

I do like happy endings and this is happy because other people agree with me and are appalled by the bad manners of some people. Some Canadians say: “It is cultural” but I say: “Rude is Rude”. It gives me a feeling of acknowledgment that others, even within the Chinese community, agree with me. So there! So there! So there!

Holy cow! I just checked Instagram. There are now 115 views of Hottie and me at the Equinox gym and 347 views of the October Equinox video. I am a star and Hottie is my co-star – or is it the other way around? Hahahaha. I am alexismctwit on Instagram.

The photograph is the delicious desert at Stefano’s. It is not the baklava, it is the other one. Most of it was already in my tummy.

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