What a Strange Morning on Many Levels; More Reading from the New Yorker, this Time Trump; Small Victories and A Quote from a Book I am Reading

I woke up to an utterly strange morning, up on the 17th floor. Friends have been emailing of the wonderful moon scheduled to appear in the skies. Well. yeah, maybe but it was foggy beyond belief, one can barely see anything at all. But it was beautiful in a different way as the fog reflected some of the moon’s glory. It was different than expected but better.

Moving right along I found my computer and then my glasses. There was an email from London friend, one of those funny ones that are passed along. The topic of this: ridiculous church signs. I quickly responded to him: “ David, It was such fun to wake up to these words, it totally made me laugh. I guess my favorite is the Baptist church sign Whoever Stole Our AC Units Keep One; It is Hot Where You Are Going! The second: also from a Baptist church: Forgive Your Enemies, It Messes With Their Heads.” Would not you know that I picked those two as my very favorites? I am so vengeful and people never see to pay attention to the warning, DEFWMMcB, they look and act so amazed when my sweet side disappears and something wraithlike appears. I am developing the ability to wait and so my aim is deadlier.

But now onto more unpleasant things. My December 31, 2017 post spoke of Harvey Weinstein, taking the information from a New Yorker article posted on the Internet. Most readers of this blog may not understand this fact but the New Yorker is famed for their fact checking. That means when the print something it is true and has been verified by people who are excellent at their jobs; so no B.S., lies or even half truths are found in their stories. Readers will remember that I I read and was horrified by the Harvey Weinstein tale of woe. But then another writer followed/follows telling about her investigation into President Donald Trump and wait until you hear what she says! She begins speaking of her reactions to Weinstein: “the horrific and familiar tale of an angry, wealthy, egotistical man with a casual habit of treating young women as if they were blow-up dolls. Remarkably, the right things were happening. Weinstein was being disgraced and disowned, and his accusers applauded for their bravery. Like many women, I felt simultaneously galvanized, vindicated, dispirited, and exhausted. A year before—to the day, I realized—I’d been assembling similar stories about Donald Trump.” And she goes on to tell her stories. OMG. But what happened to Donald Trump – nothing except getting elected. She concludes: “We elected him anyway. Our response when victims speak up now has to be shaped by the magnitude of that failure. It would take an astonishing amount of courage to continually reiterate a sexual-assault claim against the volatile and virtually invulnerable President of the United States.”

I don’t live in that country any more. Some may say” “Yes, but you lived in the Trump International Hotel for four months.” I did, but I don’t any more and my insider information reveals that the name may no longer contaminate West Georgia Street in Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada. It is not my vindictiveness as I am heeding the words of my precious uncle. He said: “Alexis, you must stop fighting. Just go to the sidelines and watch. They will do themselves in.” Whenever I listen – it seems to happen. I am not sure what it is; it could be God, it could be Karma, it could be Just Desserts or Just Something. I am slowly learning patience, which is a miracle say all that know me as I am the World’s Most Impatient Person.

I scored major accomplishments from the positive front yet again. I called to make a house cleaning appointment and was told I had to wait three weeks. I was calm and laughed and they are coming on Sunday. Then I am having a major battle because Virgin Airlines is dropping their frequent flier program and my miles were not being transferred to Alaska Airlines. I was super nice in my negotiations and over 28,000 miles will be deposited to my Alaska Frequent Flier account. This means I will NEVER have to go on Air Canada again. I emailed a wonderful women I met on my flight from Toronto to Vancouver and we are now email buddies. Her horror story exceeded mine. A missed flight compensated by hotel and food voucher on the way there but on the way home a two hour delay on the tarmac, another missed connection leading to train travel and lost luggage. She had previously gone and had a tarot card reading that revealed that her luggage was going on a vacation without her. If I were her – I would have done carry on. She has joined the swelling ranks of those who will never fly Air Canada again. Or in the words of a fellow traveler: Air F**kada.

I continue to read from The Summer Guest. One of the women in the novel, a translator, contrasts her relationship with a gay friend from her other heterosexual relationships. Her relationship with Yves is a “sudden, wild friendship based on everything she never found with straight men: laughter, irreverence, lightheartedness. Open emotions. Trust” (pg.72) Such fulsome words and it does describe exactly the relationship I have with the gay men in my life. Their numbers swell. hahahahaha

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