My New Mission in Life; Another Victory in the World of Positiveness; Looking Back on My Heart Attack and Thankfulness

I have embarked upon a new mission in my life – unsubscribing. All kinds of unsolicited stuff arrives in my email every day, it does take real effort but it is necessary to go to the very bottom of the unwanted and unneeded information and click on unsubscribe. It is dirty work but somebody has got to do it!! hahahaha. In the long run it is going to pay off, dedication and hard work will be rewarded!

Another victory was scored, yes indeed. A personal trip to St.Paul’s Hospital, two helpful women yielded a reduction in my bill of one thousand dollars. Well, actually it was two trips to the hospital because I had to go fetch my Canadian passport to prove that I was a ‘returning Canadian.’ That is music to my ears, a returning Canadian. The bill was for emergency room care for the heart attack that occurred last August. It is chronicled in my August 20, 2017 blog. But here is the back story, never told before. The person I was emailing from Italian Kitchen was Joo Kim Tiah. I barely made it to the Equinox gym after the onset of symptoms, when I looked up, he ‘friend’ who walked in was also Joo Kim Tiah. I was sitting in the lobby surrounded by concerned people, I looked up and there was Joo Kim coming to exercise. I screamed his name, he came over, I grabbed his hand and told him of my terror. He looked down and said: “You will be fine. Email me later” and then walked off. The paramedics came, I went to the hospital and was being wheeled to the Emergency Room. I sent him an email entitled: In the Hospital.

Me: In hospital. Want to be included in the will?

He: (No answer to that particular email).

But in all fairness he did respond two or three days later and expressed relief that all was fine and it was not my heart after all.

The responses are in from my queries about Weinstein and Trump. Incredible and profound thinking. I need to do some supplemental research about empathy and then will write about the insights and knowledge. I said in an email to a friend:

Me: Now almost night for me with incredible insights from friends about the Weinstein situation. It is mind blowing, the wealth of information and everything in the minds of those in my life. I am forever grateful. Alexis

Closing off as the gym and Hottie call.

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