Longing for the Green, Green Grass of Home; Great Times with Some Brits but Party Animals Reminding Me of New Phenomena in which Deer and Monkeys Get It On in Japan

There is an old fashioned song that comes to mind – something about longing for the green, green grass of home and that is how I feel at this moment. I want the kindness and gentleness of home, my Canada. The rudeness, the strife, the class distinctions, the congestion of this city has gotten me down. I cannot imagine how I was able to survive for two and a half years. I am decidedly tough. This visit I have been enveloped in the gentleness of my 2014-2017 experiences but even with those I want to retreat. I am planning to spend the day in bed. I did awake early and went down to have a marvelous breakfast – it was quiet as the party animals of last night were still sleeping it off. But I came back to my room, put up my do not disturb sign and climbed back in the sack. I think I remain here for the day and if I get hungry I can just call room service. I do not have the energy to even go to the pool and spa – it is that bad.

Yesterday i met my computer guru Chris Jackson at the Academy of St, Martin in the Field’s Crypt, such an apt place. hahahahaha We spoke of many things, the Tate Book and the phenomenal success of this blog. We shake our heads in amazement at the recent statistics revealing that since its inception the blog has had 24,083 visitors making 100,238 visits. I had joked with Chris that after I hit 100,000 hits I would stop. Well, its there but I do not know what I will do at the moment. I learned something valuable from Dr. Peter Walsh. I told him that I must force myself to make a decision about someone – he wisely said:”Never force a decision, when you are ready the decision will be made for you.” He was correct in that instance and in many others. So I will decide at a later time. Do you want another mind blowing statistic? In the last thirty days !,470 people made 5,603 visits. I say to people: “I am famous!” I then give them my blog card to ensure my continuing fame. hahahahahaha.

After meeting with Chris it was back on the 24 bus going to Dolphin Square to see Shabz and then have Cindy blow dry my hair. We had such a jolly visit and then my former neigbour happened by to have her hair done. Then back on the 24 bus and back to my wonderful hotel where sheer pandemonium had taken place. The bar and lounge were full of men resplendent in tuxedos all grouped together drinking and being loud and obnoxious. What was going on? Well, apparently, I finally learned there was something called.the Battersea Evolution – a venue that was hosting some sort of Christmas event. This hotel borders Battersea Park and so we were stuck with this people. The event was described on the Internet.” This December, Battersea Evolution will be transformed into a stunning alpine wonderland hosting an ice-cool après-ski party in the heart of Battersea Park. Make your way into the blizzard of snow and through the forest of magnificent fir trees before you find yourself in a clearing overlooking a bustling alpine square. You are welcomed in from the cold where you shake off the fresh snow and dispose of your coats and bags. Gather round a roaring log fire and recline on the fur-lined seats as friendly staff serve you glasses of frosted fizz and exquisite canapés.”

But there were not just men here at the hotel; there were also women but they did not mingle with one another. It was rather like a young teenage event where the boys and girls avoided one another. But these were adults. I have never seen anything like it. The men looked uniformly handsome but the women were atrociously dressed. Well, not every woman but almost every woman.

Me: I would not even wear clothes like this to bed.

Wait Person: I agree.

Me: And look at the ridiculous shoes they are wearing.

Wait Person: I agree. They cannot even walk properly.

Me: Yes, it performs the same function as Chinese foot binding. It cripples women, they are so hobbled they cannot even get around in the world.

I took pictures of some of the shoes and will attach them to this posting. I did speak to the shoe wearers and they basically all said that the does were comfortable. It leads me to believe that these are not the most intelligent individuals in the world. When the crowds finally left taxis had to be hailed as they could not walk the two or three locks to the venue. The women tottered in and out – out meaning they went to smoke. It was vulgar, it was not a pretty sight. But then, according to staff, it will get even worse. These people will return at the conclusion of the event, around midnight. The women will be more drunken and obnoxious then the men at this point an will practically disrobe in public. I do not know – needless to say I did not stay up to observe that spectacle.

There were some bright spots. John worse suspenders with his tuxedo and his bow tie was a bit asunder. It looked so classy, and I told him. I also remarked to one man, who did not appear to be one of them (but was).

Me: Amazing the way the women dress and behave and their terrible hairdos

He: I do have to agree with you.

Me: It is truly a miracle that you are able to propagate .

He: Propagate?

Me: Yes, I cannot imagine a man wanting to go to bed with any of them.

He: (Shocked laughter).

I was amazed at the deft manner the hotel staff dealt with the situation. I was most impressed and told management of my admiration. After the noisy ones left I ordered a club sandwich and went to bed early. But still, this afternoon I am tired and plan to spend the rest of the day in bed. Tomorrow hopefully it is the Car Boot Sale and meeting with Valentine. All will be well except it is supposed to rain.

The Japanese deer and monkeys will be featured in tomorrow’s post.

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