A Scare; Strange Copulations Between Deer and Monkeys

So on December 16,2017 in the afternoon I emailed my friend Ty from London. Ty happens to live in Vancouver. He knows the finer details of my life because we hang out together. I invite him for dinner, plan the dinner, gather together the food and then he arrives and just takes over and does all of the cooking. I have never done it that before but it works very well, for the both of us.

Me: Hi Guy,

i am sitting around having a lazy social media day at this hotel – which I do love. My new friends (well, not really – the people sitting nearby) tell me that a Canadian multibillionaire has been murdered under suspicious circumstances. I about faint and die. But it is not who we might think it is but some guy in Toronto by the name of Sherman. All’s well that ends well. But those multibillionaires can get themselves in a lot of trouble some times – it does appear. I cannot wait to come home – it is soon with final plans shaping up

Ty: Ayee-ah!! Wow! I wonder who the hell this Sherman is?? Keep me posted of your skedgy. The museums of London should be wonderfully inspiring! Affectionately, Ty

So that is what is weird about my life – I actually know a Canadian multibillionaire and need I remind you all – I was born in Saskatchewan. So I am earnestly following the case and feeling rather paranoid about death, probably needlessly.

But there is something else decidedly strange. I returned to my room after noticing the strange coupling patterns in the lobby of this blessed hotel and found a story featured on a npr (National Public Radio) website. It told of monkeys and deer getting it on in Japan. I do not jest and shall quote from the article.

“Adolescent female monkeys in Japan have repeatedly engaged in sexual behaviors with sika deer, for reasons that are not yet clear, according to researchers who study macaque behavior. The study, published in the peer-reviewed Archives of Sexual Behavior, follows up on a single report from earlier this year of a male macaque mounting a female sika deer on Yakushima Island. That report was intriguing, but a co-author of the new study told The Guardian it was essentially anecdotal. “Even the sexual nature of this interaction was not clearly demonstrated,” said Noëlle Gunst, a researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. So she and her colleagues sought to nail down the nature of the mounting. Looking at a different set of relationships — adolescent female monkeys and deer, particularly male deer, in Minoo, Japan — the researchers found interactions that definitely seemed to be sexual in nature. (The female monkeys were climbing onto the deer and grinding their genitals against the deer’s backs. Yes, there’s video.) “

The documented report went on to say that FOR SURE sex was happening between and betwixt these two unrelated species. “Five of the female monkeys had “successful heterospecific consortships” with deer. That is, they had “a temporary, but exclusive, sexual association” with an individual from another species, with “three or more mounts within a 10-minute period.”All told there were 13 successful pairings — and 258 separate mounts. “

What does this all mean?” the article queried. “Sexual interactions between animals of different species are not unheard of (even when you take human behavior out of the equation). But most of them don’t look like these monkey-deer consortships. The article ended on a humorous note.

“The monkey-deer sexual interactions reported in our paper may reflect the early stage development of a new behavioural tradition at Minoo,” Gunst-Leca told The Guardian. Alternatively, the paper notes, it could be a “short-lived fad.” Time will tell. “

So that is all for now. Obviously there will be no picture. I must get on with my day as I am leaving to go home to Vancouver. I will play catch up perhaps from the airport at the hotel. I have a plan for the books which I am sure you cannot wait to hear about. hahahahahaha

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