Not Blogging for Complicated Reasons; Another’s Impression of Dolphin Square; a Regional Manager and a Remnant

I have not been blogging for days although there is much to report. I was going to tell of a wondrous day when all of London was spread out at my feet. Well, not exactly spread out as I had to walk, climb on and off buses and climb stairs BUT I took in everything and the climax was a tongue sandwich at a “hole in the wall” Jewish deli. Two major exhibits – one at the British Museum, the other at the Tate Modern. A church or two, a bridge or two and spectacular views. It was the walk of a lifetime, my guide a quite wonderful man. A man with flaws but don’t we all have flaws?

The most amazing things happened to me. Yesterday at breakfast I was chatting with the woman beside me. She works for NHS, coming to London to work a few days a week and staying in a hotel. She stays either here at this marvelous hotel or at the other place – Dolphin House. She said, with absolutely no prompting on my part, that there is a strange and eerie quality at Dolphin Square, something she cannot quite define. She is uncomfortable there. We spoke of the place, it is as if it is haunted. I always tell the truth, well except for Uruguay Airlines, please see blog of August 26, 2017 for that reference. I think it is because of the scandals associated with the place, the scandals and the coverups. I am learning more of them actually quite accidentally. I have become a lightning rod for truth, both here and in Vancouver. It makes me sort of dangerous, she said laughingly.

My best fun is chatting up strangers. Yesterday three people – a man from near Manchester, a woman from Liverpool and another from Scotland. And at breakfast yesterday a woman from Australia with her three daughters. I am thinking I might just retire there as the weather is better. Who knows? I must run and I am going to meet with my computer guru – Chris Jackson. Oh what fun. I shall walk across the Chelsea Bridge and climb on the 24 bus which will take me to Trafalgar Square. Canada House is there but it is not home, Vancouver is. I am so homesick but in a few days I shall be there again. I cannot wait.

The people here at the hotel are mostly incredible. I met a really powerful man, he is the Regional Manager. I gave him a nickname (of course). I call him Caesar, the Emperor guy. He laughs, particular when I quote Will. “I come not to praise Caesar but to bury him! Or is it the other way around?

I will jump on the bus with my Freedom Pass, a remnant from my former days living in this city.

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