A Comparison of Present and Past Hotels; The Meal of a Lifetime and the Incredible Rex Whistler

Sometimes nothing turns out the way you intended but occasionally it turns out better than ever you could have wished for. I am tremendously happy to report that this may be said of my trip to London.

First of all, I intended to stay at Dolphin House, a hotel in Dolphin Square. May the Saints be praised, that did not happen because here I am at a ‘suprise’ hotel, The Pantesa Chelsea Bridge, a small divine hotel whose owner owns a stable of hotels located throughout the world; most are in Portugal but others in Africa, in the Americas and Europe. (There is one in Berlin, btw). Someone asked me if I would make this my ‘go to’ hotel in London.

Me: Of course I will always stay in Pantesa Chelsea Bridge. It is just the right size (sort of Boutique). It is excellently managed, it is relaxing, there is no hype. The staff treat you like you are family. The facilities are perfectly equipped and the spaces are small and intimate.

He: Somewhat different than the place you now call the Rump.

Me: (Laughingly). Indeed. Now there they treated you like family but it was definitely dysfunctional family. The difference in the pool and spa the antithesis from one another.

He: In what way?

Me: Here at my Pantesa they pool and spa is an absolute haven. The pool is small, the water warm and adorned my restful murals. The music soothing. Staff are always in attendance handing out towels, helping you find a restful lounge chair. The sauna and the steam room are right there. It has always been uncrowded.

He: Is that different than the “Rump”

Me: Night and day. The pool area was shared with a dreadful nightclub by night and weekends that attracts the worse crowd. (For new readers you are respectfully referred to the blogs of November 16, 2017 (it had been posted earlier), April 25, July 16, and July 24). These postings supply background material.

He: But onto brighter and better things.

Me: My motto altogether, my sweet! I shall tell you of the meal of a lifetime. The one I enjoyed at the Rex Whistler Restaurant at the Tate Britain, the night of December 7, 2017

I am a busy person. I have not only this blog but also I am on Instagram – my silly name being alexismctwit and then I have a Facebook identity that links to Instagram. The night of the magnificent dinner I did an Instagram (to Facebook) entry. “You peasants may not be aware of the significance but I am seated at the table place of honour. The Lord and Ladies Table here at my precious Rex Whistler for Xmas Dinner. xoxoxoxo. The Instagram was accompanied by a picture of me looking very cute (if I do say so myself). But here is more of the inside scoop.

Me: Thank you for seating me at this place of honour. I am so grateful and impressed! You will notice that I am being very well behaved in accordance with this privilege.

M: You are only on your first course.

So the seat of honour is a bit isolated from the other diners.

Me: WOW! Why did you seat me, of all people, here?

M: To keep you away from the rest of the people.

Me; Well that is ok. At least I do not have to listen to any boring conversations.

M. You see, we always have your best interests at heart.

Me: Thank you, sir.

M. If you do not behave we will pile periodicals all around the table so you cannot see out!

Me: That might not be a punishment as I am the best dressed person here yet again.


WW (wonderful waiter). M. told me to tell you to finish your starter. They cannot serve the entire until you finish your main course.

Me: Is not that what happens with the Queen?

WW. Yes.

Me: OK Ok (I ate up immediately. I know these Brits would go to arms without their Xmas goose!)

The hilarity continued. The main course was Xmas goose and was elegantly presented.

Me: Could I please have a side plate so I can put the brussel sprouts on it. I do not like vegetables and they should not be allowed to touch the rest of the food.

BLW: Madame, I will have them removed by your plate by the chef.

Me: Thank you so much. I do not deserve such fine treatment!

BLW: Here you are – no vegetables.

Me: I am so profoundly grateful!

Then i played catch up with all of the wonderful staff that I have not seen since last March.

Kate: I am tired of all your men stories! Is that all you have to report!

Me: Well they are pretty interesting you do have to admit and all of them are true!

Kate: Don’t you have any pets? Tell pet stories!

Me: I do not have pets and I do not have children. You are stuck with the men stories.

The exquisite meal was followed by a yummy desert which was paired with a port.

Me: I do not like port If I wanted port I would go to Southhampton.

Wonderful Gustavo: Madame, I have an excellent sweet red wine for you.

Me: Thank you so much! You are so good to me!

All of the above is true, as usual. I did make notes on my iPad for reasons of accuracy. I wrote at the end. “This is my haven! This is my oasis!! I am home. I would weep inconsolably but M. hates tears. So I shall stifle.”

I shall write more about the exhibit at the Tate Britain viewed before the dinner and, if I find it, a detailed description of the food. Exquisite!

The pictures accompanying this blog include one of me in all of my glory and one of the Lord and Ladies table without me.

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