The Boredom of Blogging; Quandary Over the Decision to Take on a Canadian Lover; A Trip to Victoria on Monday and Some Gym Talk

It is presently early in the morning on November 16, 2017. What a morning it has been and it is only 6:35. At approximately 4:35 my cell phone rang. It was Emily from ticketing at the Tate Britain in London, England. Matthew asked ticketing to reach out to me as the link he provided was not operative and I was not able to book the Christmas Dinner at the Rex Whistler on December 8, 2017. Emily was so charming, we had a great chat and she gave me the name of someone to email for the express purpose of making an appointment to hawk my Tate Britain book, obviously to the people at the Tate Britain. So I was awake and alert but distressed. Why distressed? One of the two hot water bottles I sleep with had sprung a leak. The bed was wet, I was wet, such a mess. Truly, it was the hot water bottle. I am not wetting myself in the middle of the night. So I changed my clothes, dried myself off and looked at my emails.

At that moment there were three. Two from insomnia Lynne and one from my hero, Chris Jackson. Chris announced the book is done and he will be sending it on drop box and has found someone to publish it!!! Yeah!!!! It shall be a done deal by the time I get to London on December 5, 2017. Lynne and I did girl friend talk. I was not advertising but I have had a request from a rather nice man that he become my Canadian lover. There is no payment but the fringe benefits are excellent. (hahahaha). She advised against it. She is probably right.

Then I got an email from Husband Number One. He responded to an email from me wherein I told him I was coming to Victoria for a couple of days. So I guess I may get to see him. He was the guarantor of my Canadian passport as he and his wife were visiting London at exactly the right time. I needed a person who had an active Canadian passport who knew me for two years. We have been divorced for 44 years – so isn’t this all very sweet? The answer is yes.

I have been sick. A terrible cold that I thought I shook but did not and so I spent another entire day in bed. I received this fantastic invitation from someone winging his way across Canada. I said yes to being wined and dined. So the limo from the airport picked me up and then it was off to the Pacific Rim Fairmont for a lobster dinner accompanied by Gibsons and a lovely white wine. I felt so spoiled. But it was the conversation that was the most riveting part. I learned so much, my suspicions were verified. Things are not as they appear to be sometimes and people who appear to be winners are actually not. I told my dinner companion in a text later that evening that the information that I got was worth its weight in gold.

Actually I was so sick that when I got to the gym the day before yesterday Hottie took me for coffee instead as I was so pathetic. We were training the other day in the gym and I have to stand up, lay on the floor and stand up again. I hate it but I did it.

Hottie: How elegant that was!

Me: Not elegant, elephant.

He: That is funny. You should blog it.

Me: OK I will.

Such a busy day I have. Equinox, coffee and donut, RBC, Apple Store for class, home for Telus appointment. Then bangers and mash for the British boys.

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