Trouble at the Trump; Sun Drai’s Must End but Did Not and Instead Saturday Pool Party

My email received a blurb from Trump Hotels suggesting that they Never Settle promoting their children’s program. I have copied and pasted from some of it. “HAPPY KIDS. HAPPY PARENTS. See how Trump Hotels goes above and beyond, making every stay a one-of-a-kind experience for kids.” Parenthetically I do find the Never Settle motto a bit strange to say the least. Never Settle is a tern used in the setting of a very litigious case where the plaintiff and/or the defendant says Never Settle – they go for the jugular. Hardly a restful concept promoting happy kids and happy parents.

This blurb raised my ire beyond belief. Then it was further raised when I went up to the Jacuzzi this morning which is finally operating after about five days of shut down. I met a young family there and it was not a “one of a kind experience” for either the parents and the children. They came with the children and the kids wanted to go swimming at three in the afternoon. But they could not because Drai’s was having a “pool party” That means for thirty five dollars women with no clothes on and rude men with backward baseball caps come and party and do goodness knows what on the third floor of Trump International Hotel. These individuals with their rude behavior make not just the pool uninhabitable but the entire hotel. They prance about showing their all, cursing, yelling and shoving. They are rude, horribly rude to everyone in the place – staff, guests of the hotels and other ‘dues paying’ guests. How is this allowed to happen? Do not ask me!

Just to be clear, I am this hotel’s first long term resident. I generally sing the praises of this place. If something bothers me I do not blog about it, I complain to the powers that be and sometimes it gets fixed or sometimes I find a way around it. The so-called music at Mott 32 restaurant being an example. Incidentally there does seem to be an improvement there but it is not consistent. There is always my earphones and my iMusic.

The SunDrais/Pool Party has been going on for some time and I have vociferously complained to no effect whatsoever. How did I complain? I wrote a memo which I am attaching to this blog. I sent this memo as high up the food chain as I could.


I sending this by pdf to leave a stronger record. Sundays at this hotel are unbearable. They are unbearable because of the unholy, miserable and rude trash that SunDrai attracts. The trashy individuals take over this hotel. It taints any reputation that the hotel tries so hard to uphold. The women are barely clad. I said to one woman in a calm voice; “You forgot to put your clothes on.” Two weeks ago i said confidentially two three women showing their all: “I think you should cover up.” The men they are attempting to attract are no better – rude and obnoxious, backward baseball hats, arrogant for no reason at all. They have no respect for themselves, for each other nor this hotel. I did say to N.S.N : “The profit motive cannot be with worth it.”

I have been to several festivals and gatherings in this fair city. The people are uniformly polite, covered by appropriate clothing and respectful. Does Drai have a special mailing list? Is there a Loose Women of British Columbia website link to Drai’s? Personally I do think that the Drai concept is ill conceived but that is just me. I have been told that it is an attempt to copy Las Vegas but I have no idea if this perception is correct. This will be my personal remedy. Sundays are uninhabitable for me and for that reason I would like a waiver of my room rate on that day. My room rate is generous and I appreciate it. But who wants to be around here on this days? It is an embarrassment. You may use these comments as you please. I stand behind my words.

So what happened? Exactly nothing! No response, no nothing. Just some feeble excuse that I do not think is the truth. You cannot be everything to everybody. So you cannot be a hotel that you promote to be for children and also be the playground for the sleaziest people in all of ‘greater’ Vancouver.

Everyone I speak to agrees with me and it is getting known around greater Vancouver. Decent people stay away in droves. This is not my hotel, I cannot change anything. But I can speak out and I just did.

So I am going to get out of this place this afternoon or else hide in my room like I did yesterday.

Because for some reason not only is there a SunDrai’s there was also a Pool Party here yesterday which was Saturday. Nice work guys! How responsive of you.

I have attached a picture of the sign announcing that the people should not wear street shoes. I could make other clothing and footwear suggestions but they would not listen to me anyway.

This is definitely a Ms. McBride post not a charming Alexis post.

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