I Lead a Perfect Life; I Could Wish for Nothing More; A Blow Dry; a Lecture; and an Imaginary Friend and Lover

Yesterday I went to Suki’s for a blow dry – I laughingly said to friend Ty.

Me: I am going for a blow dry, that is different from a blow job.

Ty: I know the difference, Alexis

Vicky is my hair stylist, she is wonderful. We really get along well, once I cried ‘on her’. This event was in August when a man of my acquaintance was leaving for her homeland, China. I suddenly realized in the midst of a blow dry and a discussion that I would miss him horribly. He has not returned from Asia but I do not miss him at all at this point in time. But the following is a conversation between Vicky and Alexis.

Me: I have a secret to tel you. Actually three secrets.

She: Tell me

Me: I cannot say this out loud so people will hear me but every time I am here I notice that I am the happiest person here at this hair salon.

She: I know. I have noticed. Even when you cried, you stopped and you were happy again.

Me: Yes! There is no joy without sorrow.

She: I have a secret.

Me: What is your secret

She: I bought a skateboard.

Me: I am so happy for you! It is so fantastic to see a woman on a skateboard

She: I am very careful and only go where it is safe.

Me: Oh my goodness, you made me remember something. When I was 32, I got on a little boy’s skateboard but I fell and broke my elbow. I forgot about that until this very moment.

She: That is so funny. I have another secret.

Me: Please tell me.

She: I am so happy to come to work on the days I know you are coming. I so like to see you and talk to you.

Me: (actually crying) That is because I so look forward to seeing you. I cannot wait to have dirty hair so that I have an excuse to come and get a shampoo and a blow dry.

We talked of many things. I had two other secrets which I told her (but not you guys). She told me of her experience doing volunteer work and I was so proud of her. I am going to find a volunteer position when I return from my trip to London. Afterwards I spoke with the man who I think owns Suki’s. He told me he lived in London, near Russell Square when attending school. He trained with Vidal Sassoon. I was SO impressed as I read quite extensively at some point about Vidal Sassoon. He took my picture under the toadstools and I laughed and told him there would be no payment.

He: I do it for love.

Me: Oh! What a sweet thing to say!

The day before yesterday I went to an amazing lecture at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I am so pushy and due to the graciousness of a director of the museum I got to sit in the front row, net to her and the curator of the programme on the Royal Collection. I was walking there and stopped at the Italian Kitchen in their new home on Burrard Street. .

Me: You are here! You are here! I am so happy you opened your restaurant near my apartment.

Jena: Welcome Alexis! Welcome!

I stopped for a glass of wine on my way to VAG. She came to deliver this news.

Jena: I have something to tell you. Our new waiter said to me: “Is that Alexis? Wow.

I follow her blogs.”

Me: I am going to cry. I am so moved. I am having such a hard time writing the blog and that is so encouraging to me.

Then after the lecture I went back to the restaurant and had gnocchi and had a very strange conversation about my imaginary friend and lover Giovanni. Hahaha. I have not had an Italian lover. Well, YET anyway.

So that is all for today and tomorrow because I am going to Victoria to see old friends who volunteered to give me a hug when they read on FaceBook a blog of my distress. It seems a long time ago but is only perhaps three weeks ago. I am not distressed now but hugs are ALWAYS great. I will also see my first husband, we have been divorced for 44 years now, he recently moved to Victoria.

The picture is of me at Suki’s with my great blow dry (not blow job).

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