Tuesday, the Seventh; Hottie Surprise; Coffee and Donut; Christ Church Cathedral; with Quotes from “How America Went Haywire”

Tuesday the Seventh of November was my first day back home in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. So what is a girl to do on her first day back? Train with Hottie at the Equinox, of course. It was so cold, but I bundled myself in the new killer coat and off I went. I was quietly sitting in the lobby, in the heart attack chair. The heart attack chair is the one the staff provided the night of the heart attack (that wasn’t). (See blog of August 20, 2017)Hottie: I did not know you were here – I can usually hear you yelling all over the place but you are being quiet. 

Me: Yes, I am feeling rather mellow. I had a very good time in California with my friends and my professionals. 

Hottie: Shall we do our training outside or in?

Me: Outside, it is cold but not raining and I have my fantastic new coat. 

Hottie: Such a good looking coat. 

Me: Thank you Hottie, 
So we did the rather boring outside routine, but it was such a clear day. So it was 11/7 at 9:10.

Hottie: I cannot believe this! You did not sass me once until now. Amazing!

Me: Yes, my first sass usually occurs immediately or at three seconds past nine. 

Hottie: You can say that again! 

Me: I sass you immediately (usually) or at three second past nine.  
We took a few minutes off and Hottie took a selfie of the two of us and I posted it on Instagram. He did a lousy job and accused me of cutting him off. I reminded him that he was the photographer. You can see that photograph on Instagram. I am alexismctwit. (do not ask me why)
Then it was off for a coffee and a donut (such a bad habit). I had an hour to murder before a shampoo and blow-dry appointment with Vicky at Suki’s. I walked down West Georgia Street facing this decision: would it be clothes shopping or visit Christ Church Cathedral on the corner of Burrard and West Georgia? I spied the sign welcoming visitors and chose the Cathedral, such a wise choice. I learned that worshippers were first welcomed to a church on this sight on October 6, 1889. A larger structure, the core of the present Cathedral , was built in 1895. It is a beautiful building – its greatest interest for me is the stained glass windows – many old but recent modern panels were created by an Aboriginal artist. I was mesmerized by two, which are pictured. One is a memorial to a young man who died in WWII – his plane shot down August, 1943. It has special meaning for me as my Maternal Uncle Allan Pirie was killed by German firepower on the day I was born, May 29, 1943. It was a severe tragedy to the family, he was their only son. 
The biblical quote: “Not my will but thine be done.” written on another stained glass window was almost heart stopping. I have, somewhat secretly, gone through an experience that resembles a religious conversion. My mantra during those days: Not my will but thine be done.” I was raised in the United Church of Canada so was steeped in both the New and Old Testament, However, I became an atheist at the age of nineteen. Therefore, these last fifty odd years have not seen me rushing about quoting the bible. I was rather nonplussed to have that phrase be my guiding force. I have fallen away from my new found faith but events occurred, not ones I willed or wanted, that make me believe that God’s will was done. 
The real joy I found at Christ Church Cathedral was chatting with the volunteers and others who stopped to speak with them. I respect people who volunteer, who give back to their community. Now that I am settled I will find a volunteer opportunity. The topic of conversation became Trump and the USA. I told my fellow Canadians about an article in the September 2017 edition of the Atlantic. Kurt Anderson explores “Why America Went Haywire”. It is a fascinating article and I will quote from it today and in subsequent blogs. This is its basic premise”” The election of Donald Trump revealed that a critical mass of Americans has become untethered from reality. Here’s how that happened.” The language is succinct and searing. “Trump doesn’t like experts, because they interfere with his right as an American to believe or pretend that fictions are false.” Another, “Our shocking Trump moment is just the ultimate expression of mind-sets that have made America exceptional for its entire history.” 
Listen to the language and the facts in this article. “How widespread is this promiscuous devotion to the untrue? How many Americans now inhabit alternative realties? Anderson then examines the results of surveys that examine beliefs. “Only a third of us, for instance, don’t believe that the tale of creation in Genesis is the word of God. Only a third strongly believe in telepathy and ghosts….More than half say they’re absolutely certain heaven exists, and just as many are sure of the existence of a personal God – not a vague force or universal spirit or higher power, but some guy. A third believe that our earliest ancestors were humans just like us.” The list goes on and on. 
I am so intensely relieved to be out of the USA, to return to the land of my birth where such beliefs are not as widespread. I will quote further from this impressive article in subsequent blogs. But such seriousness will be interspersed with humor and happy thoughts. I am going to London for a well deserved visit in December. My friends have hilarious things to say about my return and I shall share them. 
Yesterday was a solitary pajama day but today its the Equinox and other hot spots. Perhaps a brief visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery, as a member you can just go in and peek from time to time. I do have a wonderful life, certainly it has its ups and downs but on the whole- GREAT! 

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