Notes From The First Class Lounge at SFO; A Wonderful Conversation with One of My Best Friends Colette; and Two Amazing Compliments

I sit at the first class lounge, this time at SFO. I got there this time with a free pass. I got to the airport early for many reasons – but one being I am homesick and I want to go home. My dear friend Jennifer said to me this morning over bagels when I told her that for the first time in my whole life I was homesick: “It is because you never had a home before!” She is so right and I wept when I wrote this, out of pity for the old me. But the new me does have a home, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

I fired off this email to three of my pals in Vancouver. “Hi Guys, It is looking good. I am here in the first class lounge in SFO – some sort of special pass thing – I have my boarding pass and my passport around my neck so unless someone chops off my head I should be ok. hahahaha My flight leaves in two and a half hours. I plan to write the blog from here. I got a weather report from my cousin. I have new clothes to show you Hottie! See you at nine tomorrow. Be there or be round (hahahahaha) There are not two women who look alike so it appears I am free of the Joo Kim Tiah influence. This seems to be a clone free area. Please see prior blog – which was the truth – as usual. I am SO homesick but I will be back. Batten down the hatches!hahahahaha. I had a lover (well more than one) – he used to say. “How can I miss you when you won’t go away!” Well you guys did nmiss me, because I did go away to California. Me, the brat. 
I had the best of all conversations yesterday with one of my best friends, Colette. I marveled, when I was living in London, at the banality of the conversation between women and blogged about it. I think if you use the search engine and look up eavesdropping, a conversation will appear. See also, water aerobics that addresses that same issue – the women in that class in London acted like children. But Colette and I had the highest of conversations over brunch. She brilliantly opined that President Trump had pushed essentially blown it, through his actions and behavior pushed the women in the USA past the tipping point. That is why all of the facts about men’s sexual misconduct is suddenly emerging – the Harvey Weinstein’s, the Kevin Spacey’s et. al, My smart friend Colette, you are right. 
I spoke to her about my cell phone and baby campaign. The brilliant woman send me this link that I pass on to you. She also included this California State site:
We spoke of this phenomena. I told Colette that she, my High School friend Lynne and I are smart, – brilliant actually. How did we get this way? It is because we never had children, so we had the time and energy to explore the world. It is dirty work but somebody had to do it. hahahaha. 
I do not want to miss my flight and so I will soon close. I received two enormous compliments yesterday. I pass them on to encourage positivity not to bask in their glory. Ian, at an unnamed hotel in Marin County said: “The world needs more Alexises.” Then another man said: “How could a gentleman refuse such a request?” Never in a billion years are you going to hear the nature of the request but it does have something to do with the picture that is attached to this blog. It is of underwear, at a store that I pass on my way to Equinox. I say these things to myself.  

Me; What is that all about? In certain men’s presence I go to fully dressed to bare naked in about three seconds. 

Alter Ego: Well some people are different, Alexis. 

Me: The poor men they are with, or not with, come to speak of it.

Alter Ego: Hahahahahahaha  


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