The End of the Introduction; Being Homesick and Other Tales of Woe but Ending On a Happy Note

This morning I forced myself to do the final edits to In Conversation and In Contemplation. It is tedious and boring work but it is done. Another quick review and it will be off to Chris, the book will be republished and I will be off to London for a visit. It seems rather monumental actually and I am beginning to warn those poor people in London that I will be back. Batten down the hatches, whatever that may mean. A previous blog spoke of the moving end to the Introduction. You shall now have a sneak preview. 

“This book has an even stranger ending in a way. In the final days of his work on this book I asked computer guru Chris if setting up a blog was a difficult task. “Super easy” said he. Two days later I had London and Beyond. It is immensely popular. At this writing it has had almost 100,000 hits since January 22, 2017. It was all because of this book. This book rescued me from hopelessness and despair, loneliness and alienation. My creative juices were dried up, I was barren. Now I have a fertile mind, more so than ever before. 
I would like to thank the artists who painted, the Tate Britain that collected, Chris, Jessica, my friends at the Rex Whistler and Lynne. I weep as I write, but not tears of sorrow.” 
I am having a great time in California but I am home sick. I have never in my whole life as a person been home sick but I am. I want to be back in my apartment in Vancouver. This is decidedly bizarre as I am here in Marin County, my home since 1971. Until that fateful day in 2014 when i packed up and left for London, England. I have been dining and visiting with dear friends, keeping appointments with caring professionals but I want to go home, please. I am remembered and cherished by so many people but please can I go home. 
Yesterday morning I got an email from Cousin Gail. There was a picture of a strange sight. 
Me: I am loath to admit that I do not get it, what is that stuff. Good thing I got the new coat, that is all I have to say! Your unfortunately California acclimatized cousin. Alexis
Gail: It’s SNOW! Will all be gone in an hour or so – none in downtown Vancouver though.
Me: S*** snow!!! Thanks for spreading the good news girlfriend! What have I done with my life anyway!?!? Aki’s daughter
Gail: Maybe you can bring back a bit of sunshine. 
Me: I do not have THAT much room in my luggage. Hahaha. I just yelled down at a woman who was testing the water in the swimming pool. She was from Victoria. Honest Injun! Oops Honest First Nation. hahahahahaha 
I was at the Village in Corte Madera which is a shopping center. I bought an umbrella and some new gym clothes. I will be ready for Hottie and the trainer guys at Equinox. I went to Restoration Hardware because I love it and I needed to get the dimensions of a trunk/desk that I have in storage here. The woman who waited on me was from Vancouver. Honest First Nation! But you know what she told me????? There is a Restoration Hardware in Vancouver. Yes, there is! There is a really neat tree thing with lights that will look great in my dining area. I can buy it there. Yipee!!! It makes me more homesick. Poor me. 
But then another miracle occurred. Somehow, and it wasn’t me, posted my October 29, 2017 sad blog on FaceBook. I was idly looking at FaceBook waiting for my friend Pat. A man, I had a ‘fling’ with 44 years ago wrote: “I hold you in my heart.” Is not that incredible? I was here at the Courtyard Marriott in Larkspur and said to Namesake (a nickname obviously)
Me: Can you believe that.??? 44 years ago. I would run into him once in a while when I lived in Marin and we have talked but WOW. 
Namesake: Yes, anyone on earth would be flattered and happy that a man would remember you like that.  
Me: I am!! I was feeling better anyway but this put me over the top! I guess men are not that bad after all. (hahahahahaha) 
Namesake: You are our favorite hotel guest, ever. 
Me: WOW. I was the favorite at the Trump International Hotel as well! And look what happened. (hahahaha)   

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