A Wonderful Instagram Surprise; Funny Anticipatory London (England() Material; Ending Up With A Story from the Streets involving a Cigarette

I strode off to the gym early on November 9th, dressed in a new gym top purchased in California. Blue, see through, definitely cute. I got to Equinox in my usual lively fashion, put my stuff in a locker and off Hottie and I went – up the stairs. Sean was hanging about with his phone, I did not pay too much attention to him. Then I did all sorts of stuff that resembled torture, made multiple jokes and it was then off for the coffee and donut (unaccompanied by any trainer for the first time). (in the line up I did meet a man from London called Jacob who works in the building.) I sat down, looked at my phone and it said that I was the subject of a video. I looked at Instagram and almost died with delight. Sean had put a video of me climbing the stairs on Instagram with a caption that said read: “She brightens up all of our mornings” WOW! I was so happy and impressed and told all of the people there. I replied on Instagram, something very nice. It had to do with love. 
Oh, by the way, I have a new Equinox nickname. It is B.A, squared. It is brilliant. I have a B.A, (Bachelor of Arts), from the University of Alberta. The B.A. is squared because I am also a Bad A**, this wonderful woman opined. I did not get permission from the author to use her name but if she says it is OK I will mention it later.  
I have negative things and people in my life but I ignore them – why bother with them and it. I think I was put on earth to cheer people up – but not everybody, just the good people.


I am leaving for London on December 5th for a visit. I am letting friends know and the responses are hilarious. In order to provide background for the recent email exchange I did a search. The reader must read the blogs of February 3. 2017 (the hammock); March 6, 2017 (men magnetism and procuring more men); and the most recent update of September 28, 2017. After you have read all three of these emails you may proceed. I emailed Shabz of my upcoming arrival in an email entitled: Get the Hammock Ready 

Me: Hello my dear, No you do not have to prepare the hammock as I made hotel reservations. . So stock up on the cheese. hahahaha 

Background information on the cheese – I LOVE Babybel cheese and I was always buying it, each and every time I went to the store. 

Shabz: Hi Alexis,That’s fantastic news can’t wait to see you 😀the hammock will be there in case u decide to have a nap in the shop and finish off all the cheese hahahahaha 😜

Me: Can I please blog this remark! I not only need the hammock but you were doing such a good job of finding men for me – maybe you could start that service up as well. Alexis

Shabz: Looool of course you can blog it 😂as for men you know you had a long list in London 🤣 but there’s more to add onto the list 😜
Honest to goodness we are just joking about the men. Well, joking and not joking. I was not sleeping with them – goodness gracious I do not think so! I am, after all, 74 years old. I have been married three times but not all three at once. I am monogamous. So there! So there! So there! 
I was going to talk about Trump but I am in a good mood and I do not want to ruin it. So I will tomorrow or the next day. Please tune in because the Trump stuff gets really even better. This is something that actually happened on the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 
Alexis McBride spots a woman taking two or three puffs from her cigarette and then throwing it on the sidewalk. Alexis walks over and says the following in an extremely polite voice. 

Me: It is bad enough that you smoke, I guess that is your business. But when you throw the cigarette on the street and litter that is everyone’s business. You do need to stop doing that, 

Male Companion: Blusters and says something insulting which I did not quite pick up.
Alexis takes a few steps and speaks to a gentleman who witnessed the above. 

Me: Well, somebody has got to speak up – I am not sure why it has to be me, but somehow it does 

He: Are you from Switzerland?

Me: Oh, you think so because of my hat. I say some people have baseball teams on their hats, I just have countries. It is very little, the flag. 

He: Where did you get it? 

Me: I was living in London and there was a Swiss Church in Covenant Garden. I went for a benefit for the church and I won it. 

He: Do you live in London now. 

Me: No I live in Vancouver. Where do you live?

He: I live in Switzerland.

Me: Oh my goodness, I do not believe it!
So look what happens when you speak gently to a woman about littering. This is a true story and I always tell the truth. When I am accused of lying I go ballistic and then never see the person again as long as I live. I did it recently. The implications of his accusation have not yet been realized. He was warned, so sympathy is not in order. 
I promise I will get back to a discussion of President Trump. The author of the article is being interviewed on a New York Review of Books podcast. So there will be even more material available. 
I am wearing the red hat in the photograph of me and my Equinox trainers. Are they not cute? 

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